Leech heal you when standing in blood.


Leech is a Talent in Divinity: Orignal Sin 2.



  • Stepping on a blood surface absorbs the surface and heals you for 5% of Vitality, regardless of the size of the surface.
  • Not recommended for Undead characters since they cannot bleed, though this will heal Undead should they take it and step on a blood surface.
  • Good synergy with Elves and their Flesh Sacrifice since it produces blood at your feet.

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    • Anonymous

      30 Jul 2020 11:45  

      There are 2 main combinations with this talent.

      The first is using rupture tendons on your ally with Leech. It will cause them to bleed with each step and suck up the blood immediately with each step. It is a very slow heal which requires you to move and it doesn't synergies with movement skills like Bull Rush or Battering Ram, because for some reason when you move too fast, the damage outweighs the healing.

      The second one is much more usable and requires only Bull Rush skill and Torturer talent. Bull Rush triggers Bleeding when you charge through the enemy and leaves a puddle of blood beneath their feet, while Torturer sucks this blood up in the process. So you get 5% heal for every enemy you charge through.

      I find leech potent for the retribution builds, because % healing is much more viable in those. Other than that, it is playable in combination with Bull Rush in almost any party comp.

      • Anonymous

        21 Jun 2020 02:28  

        Works when you walk onto blood. Not just stand in it. Would be great if the talent matched its description

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