Living Armour

Living Armour adds 35% of all healing you receive by skills or consumables to your Magic Armour.



Living Armour is a talent in Divinity Original Sin 2.



  • All healing, whether from party members or self, including healing from Necromancy passive and abilities, will trigger this talent.
  • Does not increase maximum magic armor, only restores missing armor.
  • Restores Magic armor even if the healing goes over a character's maximum health. For instance, if a character is at full health and restores another 100 HP (say, by hitting for 200 damage while having 50% life steal), their health won't change, but they will still gain 35 magic armor.
  • Combines well with Five-Star Diner. Pop food or a healing potion, and you'll also get a good chunk of magic armour back

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