Location Fort Joy
Suggested Level 1
Next Quest --
Previous Quest None

Lohse is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Short description goes here.



Important NPCs



Lohse Objectives

  1. Speak with Saheila
  2. Find the name of the demon on bloodmoon island
  3. Defeat the Doctor at The Arx



Lohse Walkthrough

This quest is automatically acquired when played as Lohse. Find and talk to the elf named Saheila at Caverns. She will attempt to kill Sahiela so you will need to intervene and fight her or most of the cave will attack you. However, the fight will end as soon as Saheila dies so it's quite easy. Most everyone will leave the Caverns if you do this though, so you will not be able to do any quests related to anyone else there after that point so it be careful when you do it. If you chose to side with Sahiela you will Fight Lohse, and given enough damage she will be removed from the trance and no one dies

At the Holding Cell of Fort Joy, you can find a dwarf named Zillik, he suggests Lohse meet his master to the north of Driftwood.

At a house in Cloisterwood, there is a Demon Hunter named Jahan, he will help Lohse in her situation.

On Bloodmoon island, kill The Advocate when you dealt with the Black Ring members.

After you killed the Advocate, Cast Spirit Vision and talk to the Spirit of the tree to learn the name Jahan is after. (You need to learn the name of the tree first. It's one a book called archivist's journal in the northeast vault.)

(Entrance of the Vault)

Report to Jahan that the Advocate has died and you have the name of the demon to complete the quest. If Lohse is with you, Jahan will try to cure her but failed. He agrees to join you on Lady Vengeance and face the demon later.

The demon is on the city of Arx (after you finish the Nameless Island act), when you arrive, talk to Jahan and he tried to defeat The Demon alone, after that you also need to talk to Malady so that we can speak with her when we arrive at the doctor's house. If you want to enter the doctor house you need to do something first, either you kill Isabel(a female dwarf) or after you free Arhu inside of Lord Kemm's Vault. When get the invitation go to the doctor house (The Black house) and at the entrance you get to meet Malady again. Speak to her and she will teleport you to the Demon's Dimension, when you walk with Malady there will be Candles that represents the souls the demon consumes, you can choose to snuff the souls to weaken the demon or keep them for more XP. After leaving the demon's dimension go inside and kill his nurse first (use physical damage, the nurse has a lot of magic armor but has a small ammount of physical armor), the nurse will keep buffing the demon with haste and fortifying. After you defeat all of the nurse speak to the Doctor and he will reveal his true form on his first turn. Try to use your source as fast as you can, since he can consume yours. After you defeat the demon there is a small surprise for you from Lohse. You can go to his cellar(inside the room filled with corpses) and find Jahan locked up inside. There is also a lot of cabinet being locked by magic, and yet a simple lockpick can still unlock it. Alternatively, short-circuiting the cabinets with a liquid like water or blood also opens the cabinets without requiring lockpicks. One of the cabinet yield Kwyn's armor that gives you the ability to fly.




Tips & Tricks

  • You can attack the demon in his human form while Lohse's talking to him, make the battle easier.
  • If you choose to extinguish the field of candles, you may subsequently encounter the corpses of Arx citizens who had lost their souls to Adramahlik, their bodies exploded as are those targeted by Source Vampirism. When you encounter the first, Lohse will recognize it, and you may console or mock her for her choice if you are playing another character. Upon each further dead person found, Lohse will give remarks about her immense emotional distress due to being responsible for their deaths.
  • ???

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    • Anonymous

      Can i go to Zillik's master even without talking to him in the holding cell or is the quest locked if you leave the island without talking to him?

      • Is there supposed to be quest-specific dialogue when you get into Act 2? She's one of the companions that has an exclamation point over their head during Malady's intro speech when you reach Reaper's Coast, yet her dialogue is just general stuff that you can ask her about. She has nothing active to say. Is that a bug? I rushed through Malady's dialogue, thinking it might be a crucial timed thing like Sebille's in Act 3, but it's just minor, random stuff that you as the main character have to lead her to talk about, for no apparent quest reason.

        • Anonymous

          weakening the Doctor make him 50% less everything, 50% less resistences, armor, health and magic armor, also makes so he doesn't summon any demons to the fight. With my lone wolf aero/hydro i killed him in one turn, without weakening him i killed him in 2 turns, i'd say it doesn't make much of a difference

          • Anonymous

            Divine Edition: "You can attack the demon in his human form while Lohse's talking to him, make the battle easier." No, you can't. Currently have Lohse in conversation with Doctor and none of the other party members melee attacks work, they don't hit. Area of effect attacks connect but trigger the doctor's transformation

            • Anonymous

              If you have Lohse in the party (companion or your main, doesn't matter), you don't need to do the quests to get doctor's invitation first, he won't refuse to meet Lohse in person for their first time, so she's your key to get in. The invitation is only needed if you didn't choose Lohse for your party at all.

              • Anonymous

                So I found Jahan in the Dr. Cellar... but he cowers there for eternity - is this supposed to be? And what about the small cellar-cellar, the ladder to the tainted-fish?

                • Anonymous

                  if you want to kill him with out snuff all candle to save thousands of life level 20 is required , you need to break one of his armor then use CC skill against him he will stop cast mind control to Lohse but after CC effect end he will restore 4k armor try to CC him again and again until he death .
                  for me my main char. use one knight ( one-handed + shield ) hit him with bouncing shield when he have lower armor than me just use overpower and his P.armor will gone

                  • Anonymous

                    just something I came across: the demons possession wont work when wearing a helmet with "immunity to charmed/terrified. they are rare, but start appearing around lvl 15

                    • Anonymous

                      I did it with Lohse dead in Deathfog and the other 3 in fight.. But...There is no real reason to choose Lohse over Ifan for Bartering and have 3 people in the fight or 4 with less exp and loot...Furthermore the quest kills other people for Lohse to have a chance...So Ifan is better choice save other people than snuffing them out and kill Adramalihk with 4 (more exp more loot)...Jahan is not in the cell if Lohse is not with you.
                      Sorry Lohse but you need better questline

                      • Anonymous

                        If your strategy is to keep it knocked down, be aware that in tactical mode its physical armor restores 8k+ when he gets up next round due to its high preservation.

                        • Anonymous

                          SPOILER: It's pretty easy to beat the demon if you just have your other 2 characters attack him while he's in human form (during his conversation with Lohse). I just used Rupture Tendons + Chicken Claw; with that and opportunity attacks, he went down immediately.

                          • Anonymous

                            Killed the dr without help from malady, Lohse mentions saving souls but malady still tries extinguish the candles to weaken the demon....

                            • Anonymous

                              Sahelia and Zelik are dead in my game without speaking to Loshe, is it still possible to talk to Jahan to do the quest?

                              • Anonymous

                                I finished the quest right now. To the guy who asked me how to get vision skill (you need to advance more in the main quest).

                                After you arrive Arx, search Malady in the Black House, then go to the demon plane and turn off the candles. Then you enter the black house and face the doctor (the demon).

                                Is lvl 20, has servants and he is buffed constantly by them. He has around 12k mr and 8k armor, plus 8k health (and that's 50% of his true potential cause we turned the candles off).

                                I recommend you to kill the servants before engaging the doctor (they roaming around the house). The fight is hard, you should pre-pot yourself and snipershot him if you have rangers. Use your source points early, he drains yours.

                                Any summon you have will help you a lot. After you defeat him, the quest ends, you get 2 trophies and a REALLY GOOD lot

                                • Anonymous

                                  The name of the demon is found on a tree in the Bloodmoon Island. You need to use the Vision skill in order to talk him. You will not understand what he says (he speaking in other language).

                                  Next step is to find your way to Archives in the island (just go to the location on the map and dig). Look in the Archives and find a note to continue.

                                  Return to the tree and speak with him, and get the demon's name. Head to Jahan and he will join you in the boat after some talk and interaction (let him exorcise Lohse and help lose back to herself). Next step will take place in Arx (city probably in act 6).

                                  I will keep posting my progress in comments and not on page until I find the perfect sequence to maximize experience and this information get verified by more people :)

                                  • Anonymous

                                    After defeating the Advocate (not without doing his quest before), Jahan helps thr group with more source and theb he says he is seeking for the demon living in Lohse's head. We hace to fin the demon's name in the island. I will post more information asa. Actually investigating how to continue

                                    • Anonymous

                                      It's possible to hurt Lohse enough to prevent her from killing Saheila. In this case, Lohse will not want to talk about what happened, but the quest will continue.

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