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Loic the Immaculate is an Enemy in Divinity: Original Sin 2.



Loic the Immaculate information

  • Level 20
  • 5985 Vitality
  • Talents: Undead, Savage Sortilege
  • Skills: Pyro, Geo, Aero 10
  • Flags: Leadership, Perseverance
  • Abilities: Teleport
  • fireresistence2: 170%  poisonresistence: 200% airresistence: 50%


Loic the Immaculate Location


Loic the Immaculate Drop


Notes and Tips

  • He is acompanied by:
    • 4x Volatile Voidling (37,475 XP each)
    • 3x Necro-Wing Voidwoken (37,475 XP each)
    • 1x Awakened Construct (37,475 XP)
    • Loic himself gives (187,300 XP)
  • You can kill the Voidlings before starting the fight, also they are blind and wont see you sneaking aroung
  • There is Deathfog and several additional Deathfog Barrels around, you might have to be careful
  • The Voidwoken are weak to poison and will use Fire spells which will heal Loic, kill them first
  • Loic might try to telport you into the Deathfog, use Fortify
  • There is not much room at the entrance, prepare Fire Resistance (flasks)
  • You can use Line-of-Sight at the entrance and Teleport to position yourself
  • Loic the Immaculate was a member of the Immaculate cult in the first Divinity: Original Sin game. 


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    • Anonymous

      This was the closest and furthest I've been and almost lost my honor run. I had him down low was up with 3/4 of my guys. he did a netherswap and teled another into the death fog. I was so thankful I gave my ashen of idol redemption to fane the turn before this. He ended up being stunned when this happened, and so Loic went again. Loic killed Fane 3 times between comeback kid and the idol and Fane had 15% of his health left when it was my turn. I thought it was over and started to cry cause I forgot he had the idol, I made a comeback with tea, source vampirism, timewarp, revives. Felt like watching my puppy get ran over and then it just sprang back to life lol.

      • Anonymous

        The Awakened Construct has a cone deathfog breath attack... really cringe on an honor run... luckily it didnt use it well and only killed 1 of my 2 characters.

        • Anonymous

          Tricky fight, but managed fairly easy at level 18. Here is the strategy without cheesing.
          First the most important part is to disarm the traps and remove death fog barrels before the engagemrnt. Second is place your melee fighters in the back, mage upfront next to death fog and someone else with teleportation spell on the wooden ledge. Keep the mage hidden. Then start the fight by teleporting hermit to melee fighters and cast tornado by the hidden mage to clear most of death fog in the middle. Burn the crawling viodwoken with fire, as for flying use poison plants and charm. Melee fighters can keep hermit knocked down and chicken spell will deny him the opportunity to cast. Additionally use bless on necrofire. It hurts the undead and heals you.
          Additional way to kill him is to remove magic armor, cast shackles and step into death fog to die, but I found it more complicated. Didn't manage to pick off voidwoken 1 by 1 as the article suggest. In any case, not too difficult of a fight though requires preparation.

          • Anonymous

            Minmaxed 2k base damage knight with infamous death wish + LotE chews through this battle. Teleport scrolls are extremely useful here, also if you didn't kill Jahan in Act 2 he will be in pilgrim camp up until the time you talk to him the first time. He does a good job helping against loic.

            • Anonymous

              Easy fight, just aggroed then ran back to the cliffs edge teleported Loic into the pilgrim camp and had them deal with him as I picked off the voidwoken.

              • Anonymous

                If you turn Voidwoken into chickens and teleport them in the deathfog, they will die immediately once their turn comes. They have low armor, so it's really easy to get rid of them this way. Voidlings are weak to fire and they die very quickly as Loic sets everything on fire. And then it's you and your party against one pyromaniac, should be fine :) And the Tornado advice helps a lot with the deathfog!

                • Anonymous

                  So, wearing unique item "Antique armour" that has the attribute Grounded "immunity to teleportation skills" and Loic's first move is to teleport me into the death fog.

                  • Anonymous

                    Used a physical melee rogue, a hydro/aero/summoner, a physical melee/off aerothurge battlemage, and a ranged fighter-use stealth to remove the deathfog barrel near Loic and position a high initiative melee character near Loic (initiative at least over 40 before you trigger combat). Open the fight by having that character attack, then use Teleportation to pile the two further Voidwoken onto the one near Loic (ambushing in characters currently outside of combat), then use Battle Stomp to drop all four. The fight becomes far easier if Loic isn't allowed to have a turn. Note-the volatile voidlings may spread the deathfog upon death if/when they explode near its borders.

                    • Anonymous

                      You can use Malady to win this fight for you if she's alive. Teleport her down to the Voidling area. She cannot die in combat. So it may take a while, but she will slowly kill them all for you.

                      • Anonymous

                        Sneaking + teleport makes this a snap if you don't mind cheesing it. Ranged character can pick off the voidlings and run away from combat. Sneak and get in range of Loic then teleport him back towards the entrance. Two physical dmg characters can cc him until dead. Once he's gone, pick off the rest of the voidwoken you didn't get with your archer originally.

                        • Anonymous

                          This is a helluva hard fight, mainly bec its the first thing you hit when you enter Act 4. Usually you're level 18 when you arrive, but a group of level 18 players are going to have a painful time with this. Potions of fire resistance helps. But I'd recommend you skip it, go into the city, level up to 19 at least, then come back.

                          • Anonymous

                            How I beat him at level 18. Use tornado to clear some of the deathfog before the fight. Leave a character behind the group that has living on the edge spell. once the group gets into battle, have the character behind the group cast living on the edge on each of the your group (except undead characters who cant die to dfog). Keep loic knock downed and cc'd because he's the biggest threat and will nether swap or teleport characters into deathfog. Living on the edge should probably be changed with fortify, i forgot about fortify, that would have made the fight easier.

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