Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf provides +2 Max AP, +2 Recovery AP, +30% Vitality, +60% Physical Armour, +60% Magic Armour, and doubles invested points in attributes - up to a maximum of 40- and combat abilities (except Polymorph ability) - up to a maximum of 10, while you are adventuring solo or with at most one companion. This bonus is temporarily removed while there are more than two members in the current party.

Requirement: Incompatible with Glass Cannon


Lone Wolf is a talent in Divinity: Original Sin 2.



  • Lone Wolf only functions when you are solo or have one companion.
  • Makes a balanced stat build more viable
  • Picture of Health is a good second talent choice for any build that plans to reach maximum Warfare, as you'll get the maximum possible vitality bonus from it.
  • Doesn't make the game harder even if you have only two characters in your party, they'll become very powerful very quickly


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    • Anonymous

      03 Aug 2021 21:18  

      Im currently playing with two friends in online multiplayer, if I have this talent equipped will it activate when I have to fight them?
      I was thinking about a respec just to be sure I can deal with them if necessary...

      • Anonymous

        28 Oct 2020 08:27  

        Lone wolf is only more powerful in act 1.

        Otherwise, it's simply a different playstyle. Full party would probably focus on CCing every turn, with room for support, lone wolves on DPS. overall, 4 party is definitely stronger in acts 3 and 4, as lone wolves have to use broken/exploitable mechanics like stealth or setting up battlefield, not to say it's any trouble to play lone wolf on tactician.

        • Anonymous

          23 Jul 2019 16:52  

          In my experience of 5 playthroughs Lone Wolf can actually be a disadvantage to a 4 man group. Long as you know what works the game is pretty easy either way. Tactical or otherwise. There's just too much CC and reliance in Armor / Magic Armor values. In the end you lose viable builds taking Lone Wolf. Builds that would function decent normally. Rogue for instance you end up more CC / Utility than DPS. Summoning is just off the table entirely and skills that don't scale with a stat are even worse than normal. Gearing / Inventory management is probably the biggest difference.

          • Anonymous

            09 Sep 2018 17:19  

            I don't understand the reasoning behind the patch on lone wolf. I was planning out a build and now I'm already capped at lvl 9 ?? Like wtf everyone was saying this game is so easy with lone wolf but I'm playing absolutely solo and It had a good strategic difficulty but now I can't raise my strength or retribution now cause of this patch and ruins any sort of lone wolf person now. I don't want one character with a thousand different abilities later on like this is stupid. I want to keep playing this game its absolutely stunning and awesome but this ruined it for me let me do as I please like the pc people did for so long. And to the people who say lone wolf makes it way to easy literally just choose a different talent ????

            • Anonymous

              12 Aug 2018 22:25  

              so in the definitive edition on ps4 combat ability cant go past 10. example say warfare will cap at 10 no matter what unlike the default game on pc where it can go to 20. not sure if intended or not.

              • Anonymous

                10 Jul 2018 20:25  

                My two person lone wolf party:
                I have a lone wolf wayfarer - Ifan. I'm level six or seven and have maxed out scoundrel and have put all stat points in to finesse. So far he has lone wolf and pet talk.
                I added Fane, a rogue, as my second (I picked him because his fingers are lockpicks - turns out most things I can't open anyway so I just bash it down). I don't remember what his original skill was, but at level 3 I made him a lone wolf also.

                Level 1-2 I used a lot of potions and a few res scrolls. Life was tough.

                Level 3-5 Fane dominated the field the moment he gained lone wolf. He was probably doing twice as much damage as my wayfarer. I don't heal my characters during a fight. I use the restore boots for Ifan, I use poison puddles or use a skill ifan has to turn blood puddles in to poison to heal Fane.

                About level 6, Ifan is starting to equal or exceed Fane in damage output - Fane can currently run 8.4 meters per AP, and gets a free movement every turn, and since the bow doesn't have huge range both characters tend to spend similar amounts of AP on movement.

                I've only had one difficult fight lately (around level 6). It was against the chick with the blood roses. It was the only fight I've lost in maybe 5 levels. So I reloaded it, killed her, feigned death with Fane next to her while Ifan ran away from the fight. Next round I was able to fully loot her without breaking feign death. Next round I ran Fane all the way out of the fight - healed them up, and returned twice to finish off the rest of the rooms mobs.

                Both characters do around 60-80 damage, more if critical. I kind of think the game would be harder with four characters to manage.

                Plans - I'll probably get Ifan a level of Ranger at the next opportunity. I think it was Ranger that had a personal teleport that would come in really handy getting him up high during a fight, which will greatly boost his range and damage.

                • Anonymous

                  16 Jun 2018 13:54  

                  Lone Wolf with Retribution maxed -> watch your enemies smoke themselves against you xD but, honestly, it gets kinda boring soon, too easy. Something definitely needs balancing in this game yet.

                  • Anonymous

                    27 Feb 2018 22:30  

                    " This bonus is temporarily removed while there are more than two members in the current party."
                    So why does it works with a 3 members party ?

                    • Anonymous

                      13 Dec 2017 20:53  

                      Does Lone Wolf stack? Like if a buddy and I were gonna play together, and both of us got it, would we get super buffed, or does it not work like that? Because yeah we would be missing out on other stuff, but stacking lone wolf would more than make up for it.

                      • Anonymous

                        31 Oct 2017 14:25  

                        Think Lone Wolf is too powerful for still letting you have two party members. On Honour mode, I've never even come close to dying and my Ranger kills everything in two shots with mostly crap gear (just a good bow and amulet with +crit Flame Rune). With summoning it's even more broken as you can get the Incarnate Champion by level 3 (2 points to start, +1 at level 2, and +2 at level 3 with All Skilled Up, then doubled from Lone Wolf for 10 points in summoning). In fact, summoner is insane with Lone Wolf as it doesn't count against your party size, and it allows you to easily spread your points after just level 3 when you already have the Incarnate Champion. On Honour, my party is Fane as summoner and Lohse as ranger, and this party is untouchable. Comparatively with a full party on Tactician (same as Honour minus the save restriction), I'm struggling through the exact same areas that my Honour party breezes through. Even on the boat fight in Chapter 3, Lone Wolves cleared the ship (and got the achievement) while the full party struggled to escape the fight (the other achievement for not killing everything). Lone Wolf is seriously overpowered and possibly the best talent in the game as long as you don't mind having less companions to worry about (gearing up, buying skills/having less skill books to sell if you just steal them, etc.).

                        • Anonymous

                          03 Oct 2017 13:29  

                          How does this work in online multiplayer? If i am playing and in my party i have only one companion but my coop partner is also in the fight just in his own party do i still get the buffs?

                          • Anonymous

                            28 Sep 2017 09:40  

                            Polymorph itself is not being affected, whilst the attribute point you get is affected -> you get 2 Attribute points, not 4.

                            Proof https://www.dropbox.com/s/3nyfjc2mey5g9co/Lone%20Wolf%20Polymorph.mp4?dl=0

                            Version was GOG

                            • Anonymous

                              22 Sep 2017 10:38  

                              do anyone now or have tested, if summoning any creature/demon/totem etc adds to the party count when having lone wolf? say i play with a friend (party of 2) and i summon an something, do it count as a party of 3 now, disabling the lone wolf perk

                              • Anonymous

                                19 Sep 2017 09:28  

                                Has anyone tested to see if one keeps the attribute bonuses when in a party of 3+? Or are the attributes bonuses lost as well as the additional AP and health?

                                • Anonymous

                                  19 Sep 2017 07:50  

                                  Hey but all that being said... If our want to stress less about your character builds and farming/selling endless junk to support them... go lone wolf. Even tunes are in short supply and I couldn't make enough to equip 7-9 on all 4 characters, let alone with frames.. ha

                                  • Anonymous

                                    19 Sep 2017 07:48  

                                    I just beat the game. took my time and wasted a ton of effort and time and effort camping vendors to gear 4 people up... truthfully.. some of these fights are incredibly difficult on tact even with most of the best stuff available.

                                    That being said, I'm highly anticipating my next play through as lone wolf ranger/knight setups with summoning. Seems like the game highly favors physical builds ATM, cuz of resistances. Can't remember how many times my Pyro mage was sitting on the sideline.

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