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Loremaster identifies enemies and allows you to identify items. Increasing Loremaster allows you to identify more information, faster

To identify, use an identifying glass and select the item you want to identify, or simply right click on item and choose Identify. To examine a monster or NPC, select them and choose Examine.

Loremaster is a civil ability in Divinity Original Sin 2. It allows you to identify enemies and items using an Identifying Glass. Higher levels of this ability allow you to identify higher level items, and do so at a faster rate.


Loremaster Details

  • LVL 0: Shows Enemy Level, Vitality, Physical Armour, Magic Armour, Attitude towards you, Talents

  • LVL 1: Resistances, Attributes (str, int, finesse, con, memory, wits), Defence (Leadership, Perseverance, Retribution), Skills (Aerothurge, etc.)

  • LVL 2: Damage details

  • LVL 3: Chance to block

  • LVL 4: Chance to hit you

  • LVL 5: Action Points, Initiative


Loremaster Notes

  • Elves start with the Ancestral Knowledge talent, giving them +1 to Loremaster

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    • Anonymous

      Has anyone come across any items that won’t identify? I have a couple in act 2 that have a white hand icon on them. It says loremaster 3 to identify, i have lvl 5 but it still doesn’t work

      • Anonymous

        Identifying Glass is not consumed on Identify. Elemental resistances is shown at Lore 1 not Lore 2. Attributes shown at Lore 1 also include skills (Huntsman, Pyrokinetic, etc.) and Defence (Leadership, etc.) Lore 3 adds: Immunities, Chance to block Lore 4 adds: Chance to hit you Lore 5 adds: Maximum AP, Start AP, Turn AP, Initiative

        • Anonymous

          Not going to bother respeccing myself to see what every level does; but every level also gives the examine enemy page more info. Going from 4 to 5 let me see enemy action points and see how many they would get per turn and such.

          • Anonymous

            Worth noting that many vendors will identify items for you (bottom right by repair button), in case you do not have a character with high enough loremaster.

            • Anonymous

              Fane somehow ends up giving me my identifying glasses back whenever I try to identify something, which is really neat.
              Always keep a Fane on handy!

              • Anonymous

                Ennemy examination:

                - Level
                - Vitality
                - Physical Armour
                - Magic Armour
                - Kindness towards you
                - Talent

                - LVL0 +
                - Attributes (force, int, ...)

                - LVL1 +
                - Dammage details

                Dammage: 8-9
                AP cost: 2
                From weapon 3-4
                From sec weapon 3-4
                Malus 2 weapons: -50%
                From character: +50%

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