Lost and Found

Quest Giver
Location Driftwood Waterfront
Suggested Level 10
Next Quest N/A
Previous Quest  N/A

Lost and Found is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II.

"We met a fisherman named Lagan at the waterfront in Driftwood. He lost his wedding ring somewhere nearby, and can't bear to face his wife without it. Prehaps we can help him."

Important NPCs

  • Lagan


Lost and Found Objectives


Lost and Found Walkthrough

Lagan can be found on Reaper's Coast, fishing just outside of Driftwood at roughly around co-ordinates X:245, Y:57.
You do not have to talk to him to be able to find the quest objective.

The ring (Copper Ring) is directly in front of Lagan in the water. A Wits score of no greater than 16 should allow you to spot the ring. Be careful however, as once you loot the ring, 5 Slippery Voidlings & 1 Voidwalken Deep-dweller of the 10th level will spawn immediately, prompting Lagan to run off to safety.

Once all the voidwoken are defeated, Lagan will return to his original position and you can talk to him again. You will now have the option of giving him the ring in an act of charity, or keep the ring for yourself. If you pass a speech check, you can also extort him for a reward (will initiate an Intelligence/Finesse/Memory/Constitution persuasion check) of 53-58g.

Once you give him the ring, you will earn 5000XP and the quest will end. If you do not give him the ring, you will not earn any XP and the quest will remain incomplete until you give him the ring.

(If you dont give him the ring and then kill him, the Quest finishes and you get the same EXP, the log will say Lagan died.)


Tips & Tricks

  • Use the Alt Key to spot the ring. 
  • Place your ranged attackers on the high platform by using the ladder on the side, moving the Oil Barrel pre-emptively to somewhere it won't be used against you. This will make them accessable by melee only via a long walk around or the teleport skill.
  • Make sure your party is equipped to deal with shock and steam clouds. The real danger of this fight is the many water puddles the frogs utilize to stun lock your party.

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