Lost and Found

Quest Giver
Location Driftwood Waterfront
Suggested Level 10
Next Quest N/A
Previous Quest  N/A

Lost and Found is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II.

"We met a fisherman named Lagan at the waterfront in Driftwood. He lost his wedding ring somewhere nearby, and can't bear to face his wife without it. Perhaps we can help him."

Important NPCs

  • Lagan


Lost and Found Objectives


Lost and Found Walkthrough

Lagan can be found on Reaper's Coast, fishing just outside of Driftwood at roughly around co-ordinates X:245, Y:57.
You do not have to talk to him to be able to find the quest objective.

The ring (Copper Ring) is directly in front of Lagan in the water. A Wits score of at least 12 should allow you to spot the ring. Be careful however, as once you loot the ring, 5 Slippery Voidlings & 1 Voidwalken Deep-dweller of the 10th level will spawn immediately, prompting Lagan to run off to safety.

Once all the Voidwoken are defeated, Lagan will return to his original position and you can talk to him again. You will now have the option of giving him the ring in an act of charity, or keep the ring for yourself. If you pass a speech check, you can also extort him for a reward (will initiate an Intelligence/Finesse/Memory/Constitution persuasion check) of 53-58g.

Once you give him the ring, you will earn 5000XP and the quest will end. If you do not give him the ring, you will not earn any XP and the quest will remain incomplete until you give him the ring.

(If you dont give him the ring and then kill him, the Quest finishes and you get the same EXP, the log will say Lagan died.) Nope, you get only 2000XP for killing Lagan without returning the ring.


Tips & Tricks

  • Use the Alt Key to spot the ring. 
  • Place your ranged attackers on the high platform by using the ladder on the side, moving the Oil Barrel pre-emptively to somewhere it won't be used against you. This will make them accessable by melee only via a long walk around or the teleport skill.
  • Make sure your party is equipped to deal with shock and steam clouds. The real danger of this fight is the many water puddles the frogs utilize to stun lock your party.

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    • Anonymous

      24 Dec 2020 14:50  

      You can start the dialogue with him to return the ring, barter it to him, give him the ring in dialogue, then barter it back from him before you close the dialogue box for good. You get the xp, the ring, and are only out the difference between what he buys the ring from you for (all his gold about 200) vs the ring cost (900). Variation on the barter trick followed by pickpocket for lawful good characters: save the guy then buy the ring lawfully, no stealing or murder.

      • Anonymous

        29 Nov 2020 14:12  

        This ring has PERSUASION, which, at least from what I've seen thus far, is a very rare stat to have on a ring. So either keep it, or, better yet, to complete the quest in your journal, get full exp, AND keep the ring, use the barter trick (see [10 June 2020] comment below that explains this little trick, as it was very helpful & might come in handy elsewhere!)

        • Anonymous

          25 Oct 2020 01:40  

          Pickpockoting the ring from Lagan no longer works or doesn't work for me since the ring doesn't show in his inventory

          • Anonymous

            10 Jun 2020 16:03  

            You can keep the ring just fine and receive the maximum xp but you have to be a bit smart. Talk to him, tell him you've found the ring but do NOT click the option to give him the ring. Instead barter with him and trade him the ring. Now click the option to give him the ring and you will get the full 5000 EXP even though you didn't give him anything. Pickpocket the ring with your other toon and then attack him and kill him for the rest of the EXP.

            • Anonymous

              06 Jun 2020 15:48  

              I gave the ring vack to him and them pickpocked it, but after walking away he noticed he had been robbed, so he confronted me, and i bribed my way of it, but i still lost the ring, and then i though he had it, so i killed him and it wasnt on his body. So careful when you pickpocked, to get far away quickly

              • Anonymous

                13 Apr 2020 15:08  

                If you want to complete the quest and keep the ring, talk to him and tell him you have found the ring, trade the ring to him, click on give him the ring in conversation, receive your 5k exp, then pickpocket the ring from him.

                • Anonymous

                  03 Dec 2019 01:50  

                  It seems that the best two options that you can have for this quest are either: 1) Persuade Lagan into giving you money as a reward, give him the ring for the 5000XP, and then killing him for an additional 4000XP; or 2) Persuade Lagan into giving you money as a reward, keep the ring to yourself, and then killing him for 4000XP.

                  • Anonymous

                    28 Dec 2018 07:08  

                    to get max exp: 1) find the ring 2) kill frogs 3) give him the ring and receive golds (5000XP) 4) at the end of conversation(before he runs off), attack him using other character 5) Kill him(2000XP)

                    • Anonymous

                      17 Sep 2018 00:23  

                      This item's magic armor shot up suddenly for me for some reason - are unique items supposed to level with the character they're on or something?

                      • Anonymous

                        12 Dec 2017 05:28  

                        Seems the game forces u to choose between 1) not finishing the quest vs 2) keeping the only ring in the game that boosts persuasion?

                        • Anonymous

                          11 Oct 2017 16:29  

                          I hitted Lagan accidently in the fight so he fight against me, afterwards i looted the corpse and got 1 brass key... which use has this key?

                          • Anonymous

                            25 Sep 2017 07:52  

                            extorting him and keeping the ring does NOT give you 5k xp as the wiki states. if you want the xp you have to give him the ring.

                            which is a load of*****.

                            • Anonymous

                              24 Sep 2017 03:17  

                              You have to use Alt. But when you pick the ring up seven lighting frogs will spawn so be ready for a fight.

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