Love has a Price

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Location Driftwood Tavern
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Love has a Price is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Short description goes here.



Important NPCs

  • Lovrik
  • Zharah (if you choose a female prostitute)/Zharat (if you choose male)




Love has a Price Objectives

  1. Pay for the prostitute and meet him/her upstairs



Love has a Price Walkthrough

A man named Lovirk at Driftwood tavern promises you 'something exotic' that is worth trying. If you convince him via speech check or tell him a good joke about talking dogs via the Jester-tagged dialogue options, he will waive the initial fee (else, it'll cost 150 gold). You will gain 3000XP for this. After he reveals his non-negotiable exotic fee of 100 gold, he will give you the key to a suite on the 2nd floor.

Use the character and enter the suite alone, then talk to the lizard and spend a night there. You will receive 6000XP. If you refuse the prostitute, you will receive 3000XP and have to try again with another character. The next morning, some thugs (about 5 of them) will suddenly show up while you are naked, demanding money. If you are Ifan ben-Mezd, the thugs will recognize you and leave. Otherwise, you will have to pay them or fight (your gear is in the burgled backpack on a table next to the bed. If you are playing as the Red Prince, then the lizard you meet will turn into the Red Princess instead. (if you are undead, the prostitute will fight with you.)

Head back down and confront Lovrik, and he will claim he did all these for his daughter. If you ask the cook, you will learn that he's lying, and you will find that he fled while you weren't there. If the cook is dead, then you won't find anything and the quest can't proceed until you kill him. Killing him grants no XP but he has a significant amount of gold on his corpse. If you did kill the thugs and confront Lovrik, you can also spare his life and the quest will conclude rewarding you a final 3000XP (after which you can kill him anyway to get the gold too, though the quest will have already been completed and the log will not update further). If you believe he has a daughter, Lovrik will flee concluding the quest but granting no additional XP.

Bug: If you use The Red Prince to engage in this quest, there is a chance that the quest will hang after the sexual encounter and Lovrik won't have any additional dialogue options for you to progress with the quest. And even if you kill Lovrik, there is a chance that the quest still won't close.


Tips & Tricks

  • Swap the key to the suite to a party member that isn't spending the night. This way you'll be able to send in your party at the start of the fight.
  • You can give your equipment to a party member before the sexual encounter, then return it prior to combat (be sure to re-equip it).
  • If you have already found two Teleport Pyramids you can use them to teleport to your party member. (lore friendly).
  • You can change your mind about spending the night with Zharah/Zharat. Depending on the dialogue, you can either flee the exotic encounter for 1000XP or anger the lizard courtesan for 3000XP. After which you can talk to the lizard with a new character and pay another 100 gold to Lovrik to try again. So you can gain up to 4000XP this way. And finally 6000XP more when you decide to go through with it.
  • If you sleep with Zharah/Zharat as the Red Prince, you will not be robbed or get the experience and this quest will close. This is not recommended if you want the max experience.
  • If you sleep with Zharah/Zharat as Ifan, you will have a special dialogue and may avoid the robbery.
  • Killing the prostitute will end the quest.
  • The prostitute has a soft spot for undead.
  • If you lose your gear to the muggers and are unable to kill them you can find it in a "burgled backpack" on a table in Lohar's room.
  • While most of the muggers have spell armor, they are generally lacking in physical armor (though it is still unwise to attempt to solo this encounter).
  • If you deny the prostitute to the point she/he offers to give you your money back after, then finally takes her/him in, the prostitute  will fall for you. You will know because instead of your world explodes, it is her/his world that explodes. After which, she/he will fight along your side.
  • The prostitute has a unique level 11 dagger (18-19 damage) which you can pickpocket. She/he can also give you this dagger in the fight if she/he has fallen for you. You will have to appeal for help first.
  • If you manage to keep the prostitute alive after killing the thugs, you can choose to go again with him/her, depending on the dialogue. If she's fallen for you or if you are undead, she will go again with you regardless.

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    • Anonymous

      25 Jun 2021 12:47  

      I did this quest and my main toon is Ifan, and they all came running away after knowing who they're mugging. I didn't expect that lol

      • Anonymous

        06 May 2021 02:02  

        I didn't try to replicate it, but you can actually (maybe) do this without getting your things stolen or fighting the thugs.
        I took off my armor and swaggered in with my bones on full display (undead).
        The lizard immediately got excited, slept with me and then.. nothing. Still had my gear, no thugs and I got the lucky charm buff. I loaded my save after that, so I'm not sure if that can break the quest.

        If you just want to complete the quest normally without cheesing the fight (I just wanted the lizard to stay alive, which was impossible with my then current party), here's what I recommend.
        1. Open Lovrik's inventory with pickpocket. You don't need to steal anything, just open it.
        2. Spend the night with the lizard.
        (2.5. If you are undead, send over some armor and equip it while you still lie in bed to hide your undead status.)
        3. Let the thugs take your stuff
        4. Kill Lovrik. By pickpocketing him first you have changed his standard loot to vendor loot.
        5. Find Lohar and he will give you a task to find a dwarf.
        6. Go to the house, explore it and you should find a letter talking about a ritual.
        7. Return to Lohar, give him the letter and agree to continue looking for the dwarf.
        8. Ask for your stuff back.

        • Anonymous

          27 Mar 2021 21:11  

          this quest is bugged if you kill Lothar first and then do this quest you have no way to get your gear back the only option i had is dropping all my items in the room and then fight the mobs with nothing in my inventory

          • Anonymous

            18 Jan 2021 23:53  

            Okay, so i only found out about this quest when i was about to leave this chapter. Lohar is long dead, went in with lizard, got mugged and now my stuff is just gone, nothing in his room. Any way to get it back?

            • Anonymous

              06 Jan 2021 21:40  

              You can have the rest of your party wait in the stairwell the floor below if you don't want to use a teleport pyramid

              • Anonymous

                26 Dec 2020 16:27  

                Red Prince has a special encounter with the Red Princess here, without the muggers at the end. You have to do this before reaching Paradise Down, else it will be the "normal" one.

                • Anonymous

                  07 Dec 2020 04:28  

                  (On PC DE) Oddly, I managed to get 3000XP, not 1000XP, for rejecting Zharah with my first character(Lohse, who was also my avatar). I don't quite remember the specific conversation options, but I remember selecting one tagged LOHSE that was roughly about not feeling as if I were myself, and another option asking how much Zharah would pay in reaction to Zharah joking about paying Lohse for sex. Hopefully someone else can confirm since I dont have a save left over, but this would mean that on DE the total XP gain is 22 000 (2k for persuading Lovrik, 3k for rejecting Zharah, 6k for the sex, 8k for killing the goons, and 3k for letting Lovrik go)

                  • Anonymous

                    13 Nov 2020 20:05  

                    If I killed Lovrik at the end of the quest I got ~200-300 gold. But if I first pickpocket some gold and then kill him, I can get a vendor's amount of gold. Which for me was ~20k when I was level 16.

                    • Anonymous

                      26 Sep 2020 11:49  

                      If you split your party and have someone talk to Lovrik while you go check out his story with the cook you can easily catch & kill him before he flees.

                      • Anonymous

                        02 Sep 2020 19:59  

                        to get the bonus 3000 xp from lovrik try to have conversation where u can fight with him without aggroing.. u can scout with 2nd char and once hes next to kitchen or next to side door .. bring ur main char for conversation.
                        dont tell him u killed thugs at top and just say u had good time u get 3k exp. then u can teleport him outside or into the kitchen and start the fight and rob him the money.

                        • Anonymous

                          30 Jul 2020 04:00  

                          Tips to get your stolen equipment ASAP : before u enter the lizard *****'s room go naked(drop all of your equipment on to the floor), drop 1 teleport pyramid. After that, talk to the lizard and have fun with her. When your main char wake up, immediately switch to your teammate to open the door where your main char is having fun and give your main char the bedroll and another pyramid. After that go to upstairs and do sneak attack. When you main char get the turn in battle, teleport to where the pyramid and your equipment was dropped then equip all em all, rejoin the battle and enjoy

                          • Anonymous

                            21 Jul 2020 10:39  

                            With careful dialogue choices you can have the prostitute fall in love with you and s/he'll will actually fight with you against the thieves.

                            • Anonymous

                              09 Jun 2020 09:35  

                              Max XP for Definitive Edition is 20000 XP (2000 XP for persuading Lovrik + 1000 XP for declining courtesan with 1st character + 6000 XP for sleeping with courtesan with 2nd character + 8000 XP for killing thugs + 3000 XP for letting Lovrik off the hook). Gill gives no XP so thugs only give 8000 XP (4 thugs x 2000 XP).

                              • Anonymous

                                04 Apr 2020 13:21  

                                with 4 group member I'd get 2000xp for accept the quest 1000 when I said no with my main (elf female) 3000 when I talked with her a little bit and made her wet, then said no (RP) -I don't remember if I get xp with Ifan when i fent in and said no and then 6000 for sleeping with her with Fain -3000 when killed Lovrik + 5x2000 for each robber then (little spoiler here) 4000 because the cook didn't like I went in so attacked me. tips: 1. If you don't get the key with another character then go up to her - she said sorry- then go back for the key and pay 2. I went to Lovrik with Fain as fourth party member and I'd got an option which meant no pay. 3. I slept with her 3 times just with Fain. First time she danced for me ...etcetc then i stood their as if nothing heppend but when i went to her she sound like we met before then I slept with her - robbers - and after it again. 4. She became a friend if you sleep with her as Fain 5. Be careful with the drunked fellows down if you attack Lovrik if you want to keep them alive so teleport the guy to the kitchen or into a bush far from the tavern.

                                • Anonymous

                                  27 Feb 2020 10:21  

                                  The description for getting the last 3k exp is a bit unclear. You shouldn't confront him saying you killed the thugs, you have to say that you had a good time. After that he doesn't run away and you can kill him for the gold (which he drops even if you pickpocketed him before that). -Aggnog

                                  • Anonymous

                                    22 Feb 2020 05:39  

                                    to net out as much exp as possible pay 100 go up speak to the biatch dont sleep with her try some dialogs bail out get 3k xp go down speak to lorvik again with another "i presume male character" pay go up speak to lizard go through with it "i used ilfan so the assasins dont attack have history" when you can chose, dont kill her! tell her its ok or do it again =5k xp go down speak to lorvik dont let him flee letting him go after he confess gives another 3k xp total 11k "i might have gotten 6k seccond step didnt see clearly looked like 5 or 6k so either 11 or 12 k xp when concluded" letting him escape or killing him will end the quest without the last 3k xp as reward will say closed but its actuly failed dont know if you can continue this one cuz barmaid wont give me any dialog as suggested after checking kitchen or befor.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      14 Feb 2020 22:04  

                                      why is no one talking abt the fact that you don't have to have the prostitute be a woman? is that a recent update to the game or something? i've always liked how the game is very neutral on sexuality, gives a lot more options. i think i remember the dialogue options even being slightly different depending on which you choose. when i played with ifan and the male lizard i feel like there was like this sub/top thing going on?? or am i just imagining things

                                      • Anonymous

                                        08 Jan 2020 23:52  

                                        "If the cook is dead, then you won't find anything and the quest can't proceed until you kill him" Lovrik or the cook?

                                        • Anonymous

                                          12 Dec 2019 23:05  

                                          So after I finish the fight I'm not able to loot anything from the bag. Trying to do so bugs the game so that I can't interact with anything else or even load or quit the game-I have to ctrl alt delete out. I've tried doing it with different characters, moving the bag to my inventory and then opening it, moving it to Lady Vengeance and opening it, nothing works. I'm in honour mode and saved past the fight so I can't go back, so basically either I lose all my items or the run's over, which is pretty much one in the same given I lost any quest items, etc plus all my gear. Has anyone experienced this or know a way around it?

                                          • Anonymous

                                            02 Dec 2019 13:46  

                                            I lost the fight and found my missing gear in Lohar's room on the table (Left of the under tavern bit where the Arena is)

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