Love has a Price

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Location Driftwood Tavern
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Love has a Price is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Short description goes here.



Important NPCs

  • Lovrik
  • Zharah




Love has a Price Objectives

  1. Pay for the prostitute and meet her upstairs



Love has a Price Walkthrough

A man named Lovirk at Driftwood tavern promises you something exotic worth trying. If you convince him via speech check or tell him a good joke about talking dogs via the Jester-tagged dialogue options, he will waive the initial fee. You will gain 3000XP for this. After he reveals his non-negotiable exotic fee of 100 gold, he will give you the key to a suite on the 2nd floor.

Use the character and enter the suite alone, then talk to the lizard and spend a night there. You will receive 6000XP. If you refuse the prostitute, you will receive 3000XP and have to try again with another character. The next morning, some thugs will suddenly show up while you are naked, demanding money. If you are Ifan ben-Mezd, the thugs will recognize you and leave. Otherwise, you will have to pay them or fight (your gear is in the burgled backpack on a table next to the bed. If you are playing as the Red Prince, then the lizard you meet will turn into the Red Princess instead. (if you are undead, the prostitute will fight with you.)

Head back down and confront Lovrik, and he will claim he did all these for his daughter. If you ask the cook, you will learn that he's lying, and you will find that he fled while you weren't there. If the cook is dead, then you won't find anything and the quest can't proceed until you kill him. Killing him grants no XP but he has a significant amount of gold on his corpse. If you did kill the thugs and confront Lovrik, you can also spare his life and the quest will conclude rewarding you a final 3000XP (after which you can kill him anyway to get the gold too, though the quest will have already been completed and the log will not update further). If you believe he has a daughter, Lovrik will flee concluding the quest but granting no additional XP.

Bug: If you use The Red Prince to engage in this quest, there is a chance that the quest will hang after the sexual encounter and Lovrik won't have any additional dialogue options for you to progress with the quest. And even if you kill Lovrik, there is a chance that the quest still won't close.


Tips & Tricks

  • Swap the key to the suite to a party member that isn't spending the night. This way you'll be able to send in your party at the start of the fight.
  • You gain an extra 3000XP if a party member changes their mind about spending the night with Zharah. This will upset the lizard meaning you will have to pay 100 gold to Lovrick again to try again with a new party member. The 3000XP gained only occurs once. You do recieve the normal 6000XP if you chose to sleep with her with another party member.
  • Killing the prostitute after sparing her will end the quest.
  • Lovrik generally carries over 10,000 Gold on him for you to loot from his corpse.

    • Anonymous

      05 Nov 2018 08:27  

      Hands down, Cryogenic stasis is the most useful skill to have for this! It heals him, makes him immune to all damage, and freezes his suicidal self! SUPER BONUS: It breaks chains of pain! YW ;)

      • Anonymous

        01 Nov 2018 02:44  

        With Ifan, sleeping with her twice gave me free teleportation skill. Killing Lovrik gave me only 100 gold.

        • Anonymous

          19 Oct 2018 15:29  

          Ha, best solution :D the cook was already dead, so she couldn't tell me that there is no daughter, but I just left Lovrik off the hook (that's what the closed quest says), but when he came to swipe the floor next to the door to the kitchen, I teleported him in, closed the door, beat the***** our of him, took his 3400 gold, and be done with him... now he is lying next to the cook, not so smug, and not foolin' anyone else... the best part? It didn't piss off rest of the tavern, as noone saw him die. and as I am on good terms with Lohar (was to see Mordus's house already), he just gave me my stuff back... now I am thinking about visiting that lizard to shut her up... :D

          • Anonymous

            17 Oct 2018 10:20  

            This quest is a bit... bull*****to say the least. In definitive edition, you only get 3000 XP for refusing the courtesan if you're without companions. But then the quest closes. No extra XP allowed, except for killing the thugs of course. The best option is to refuse the courtesan still but with companions for 1000 XP. Then sleep with her on another character - 6000 XP. Kill the thugs for 2000 xp each, 8000 total - boss thug "Gill Thunders" doesn't give any. Gotta keep the lizard alive or the quest closes(no XP with Lovrik?) Then go down and get 3000 XP by talking with Lovrik and letting him off the hook(as long as you don't buy his bull*****but let him live)... All for a total of 18000 XP

            • Anonymous

              26 Sep 2018 01:30  

              So, if I understand correctly, if you buy that he did everything for his daughter, but have already finished the quest for who's killing Magisters, you can't get your gear back under any circumstances? Of course I didn't save right before jumping into the sack with Lizard lady. I had all Legendary and Unique gear and was fully optimized. I'm not a rage quitter but holy crap that sucks.

              • Anonymous

                09 Sep 2018 05:36  

                If your Fane or an Undead, Selecting Undead option will waive the fee after you have convinced him to give you the key.

                • Anonymous

                  23 Aug 2018 18:08  

                  Lovrik has ~10K on his corpse. If you fireball him AND Prudence, travel away and come back, she has ~22K on HER corpse. Owning an inn pays pretty well.

                  • Anonymous

                    19 Jul 2018 22:51  

                    "Lovrik generally carries over 10,000 Gold on him for you to loot from his corpse."

                    Is this true? I've retried this quest a couple times now and all I'm able to get off his body is 300 gold, was fairly annoyed honestly but maybe it's just bad luck.

                    • Anonymous

                      12 Jun 2018 01:43  

                      dont kill lovrik before talking to the kitchen elf and asking for his daughter, or else the quest will be bugged and unfinished

                      • Anonymous

                        03 May 2018 11:26  

                        For Red Prince, if you were not attacked after the snuggling then just thank Lovrik and the quest will close. If you choose the "red princess" dialog option then the quest will not close.

                        • Anonymous

                          23 Apr 2018 12:28  

                          Another way is to follow these steps as The Red Prince and you won't have to confront Lovrik since you don't get mugged by the thugs:

                          - Go up the stairs to Zharah and select the following dialogue options:
                          1. *Squint. What the hell is she talking about?*
                          2. *Tell her you want to hear her poem.*
                          2. *Back away.*
                          2. *Finish her sentence for her...*
                          2. *...'Thank you?'*
                          3. *Tell her she's beautiful... but you can't do it.*
                          1. [RED PRINCE]
                          2. *Ask how much she'd be willing to pay."
                          2. *Insist. How much would she be willing to pay?*
                          2. *Stand up. Turn away.*
                          1. *Tell her she's right. She should be paying you.....*
                          1. *Wait.*
                          1. *Sounds like a challenge. You're in.*
                          1. *Sidle back to her. Take her into your arms.......*
                          - Zharah turns into The Red Princess and you get +2 Lucky Charm for 50 turns. It doesn't matter what you tell her next. (If you're NOT The Red Prince, Zharah will lie in bed instead. While both of you are lying in bed the game can be saved and items equipped from other character's inventories. Equip a shield and you're good to go.)
                          - After she vanishes, head down to where Lovrik is and he should speak with you, but this time you get different dialogue.
                          The quest will not close at this point. I'm not sure if it's intended or not as I haven't progressed enough yet.

                          If you're playing as someone else, say Beast, and follow the above steps, you will get mugged, and you can appeal to your lizard lover for help. She will give you a dagger and help you in the fight should you choose to fight them. If your character is a cleric then the fight shouldn't be too difficult on classic difficulty, but if you want to try and save the lizard you'll surely have to retry a few times because of her suicidal tendencies in combat. If you do manage to save her you can go for sexy time numero dos.

                          • Anonymous

                            06 Apr 2018 20:27  

                            Easy way to get your bag back from Lohar - When you go down to talk to him, you will see your bag on the table in front of him. I had my mage stand in the doorway and teleport my bag far away down by the stairs. He will warn you not to touch his stuff but he won't attack you. Walked my char over to the bag and "looted all". No problems.

                            • 03 Mar 2018 21:43  

                              Warning! If you are using Bull Horns. It will become unequipped when you sleep with the prostitute; very funny programmer. Wish I had realized before I showed my undead wiener to the Magisters on the floor below

                              • Anonymous

                                18 Feb 2018 02:21  

                                You can get "super lucky" for 50 turns if you...
                                Give all your gear to a companion.
                                Sleep with the lizard.
                                When you wake up, don't fight.
                                Sleep with the lizard again.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Love has a Price [Divinity OS 2 Wiki]09 Feb 2018 13:43  

                                  Found away to do this in a pretty "lore-friendly" way.

                                  Slept with prostitute, got mugged by bandits, didn't fight as I couldn't beat them naked. Talked to Lovrik, learned Lohar would have my gear. Went to Lohar, refused to give me gear.

                                  Thereafter simply used three characters to talk to everyone in Lohars room and keep their lines of sight away from the backpack, used the fourth character (with high sneaking) to steal the backpack and leave the room then hiding in a corner outside. Kept the character with the backpack hidden while everyone cried "burglery!" and searched the rest of my crew, before teleporting everyone out to the waypoint.

                                  Note: Lore friendly is simply a point of personal taste, I was unaware I was going to get mugged and alas they got the drop on me. Not having prepared for the fight they took my gear, and I felt going back and preparing for the fight would be "cheating", as I was obviously fooled.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    01 Feb 2018 08:45  

                                    You can get the lizard to side with you if you aren't undead and you pick the right dialogue options (I managed this by playing hard to get.) If the narration at the end says "his world..." instead of "your world..." he will tell Gill he's fallen for you, hand you a knife, and fight with you. He's wimpy as hell though, took me like 4 tries to get him through it alive

                                    • Anonymous

                                      19 Dec 2017 00:21  

                                      About the fight with thugs , you can just go downstairs and immediately go back up this way you will see only 1 pyromancer takes your bag and start runing you can hit her and enter combat then bring your companions . {Carefull tho she runs like sonic if you miss her she gets even faster at downstairs and soon perishes with your items) Tried couple times you wil not have any problems if you dont missclick. (You shouldn't get along with prostitute otherwise she joins fight and very likely to die also its not going to be only 1 pyro if she joins because that way combat doesn't end when you go downstairs)

                                      • Anonymous

                                        05 Dec 2017 16:45  

                                        I did this quest with the red prince as my avatar (and only character). After sleeping with with the lizard prostitute, you wake up and see sadha sleeping beside you. There is some dialog like "who are you" and "come and find me". No bandits, no robbery. Actually, I thought it was pretty cool and it fitted the story perfectly. I thought something similar would happen to other characters (like fane's wife or something), but it seems to be a quest made for the red prince.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          25 Nov 2017 21:09  

                                          So after several tries I used the pyramids to teleport other team members and killed robbers, slept again with the prostitute, then killed her, then killed Lovrik. I confess, that felt really good.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            06 Nov 2017 23:52  

                                            You get the max XP by: 1) Turning her down with one character, 2) Say yes yes yes! with another character that's not the Red Lizard (preferably Fane, but any will do) so that you can fight the thugs. The thugs give good XP. It's not a very easy fight though.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              06 Nov 2017 20:11  

                                              Killing Lovrik gave me 4 gold pieces. So I don’t know about the whole “Significant amount of gold on hos corpse”.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                27 Oct 2017 02:26  

                                                I used the red prince to sleep with Zharah, yet she didn't turn into the red priestess and I was still attacked by the bandits.

                                                Does anyone know how to fix this, or what conditions you need? I loaded a save from like...10 hours ago when I first entered Driftwood and was able to get the red priestess, but there's no way I'm going back that far.

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