Lucky Charm

Lucky Charm increases your likelihood of finding extra treasure whenever loot is stashed.

Lucky Charm is a civil ability in Divinity Orginal Sin 2. Lucky Charm increases your likelihood of finding extra treasure whenever loot is stashed.


Lucky Charm Notes

  • If Lucky Charm happens to activate when you loot an object, you will be notified by a 4-leaf clover visual and a distinct "shwing" sound.
  • When looting an object that lucky charm activated on, the lucky charm loot appears in addition to whatever other loot already existed there.
  • It is unclear exactly how much benefit you get from each level of lucky charm, but it is definitely possible to get purple level items from levels 3-4 of lucky charm. Some players have also reported getting "legendary" rarity items from levels 4-5 lucky charm. Higher levels of lucky charm absolutely do increase the net average quality of loot received. Lucky charm levels 6-10 increase the frequency of lucky charm triggering (from 5% at level 5 to 6.67% at level 10), but does not change the quality of loot.
  • Lucky charm can proc on essentially any lootable object, from crates to barrels to fish carcasses. It is unclear if the type of object being looted affects the proc chance or loot quality.
  • Drunk status provides a temporary +2 Lucky Charm buff. You can extend this permanently by have the character who is drunk in dialogue mode with another. Since Lucky Charm is shared among party members, you can loot while your other character is drunk.


Version History

  • As of version v3.0.158.595: Lucky Charm is now a party-wide talent. Players no longer need to select the character with the talent to open containers
  • Version v3.0.151.229 and older: Only triggers with the one with this talent, not the teammates.

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    • Anonymous

      27 Feb 2021 00:20  

      Captain's compass amulet - the one you get at the end of the Drowning Her Sorrows quest on Act 2 - gives +2 lucky charm. Belts can also give +1 lucky charm; there's also a unique called (Magister Carin Shield - dropped from one of the magisters near han) which you get on fort joy that gives another +1 lucky charm. That means you can potentially reach +9 Lucky Charm starting on act 2 and farm a lot of legendary/epic gear.

      • Anonymous

        28 Dec 2020 18:32  

        Was able to get a blue item on the starting ship. Drinking beer for +2 to lucky charm does help in terms of getting loot. Funny how I never noticed alcohol increased this stat in 100+ hours into the game.

        Also the loot also generates if you pick up crates/barrels, not just when you open them. So if you plan to pick up a crate without drunk buff (no +2 lucky charm), store them somewhere and then open them all at once while using a single beer/whine - this doesn't work. You can get this confirmed by checking the price of crate.

        For example if majority of crates on the starting ship are hardly above 5-20 gold and the one you picked up is 100+ gold plus - lucky charm already did it's job on this one. Works the same in the future, only the prices are different.

        • Anonymous

          11 Jun 2020 10:47  

          From game File TreasureTable.txt Name DropCount ObjectCategory Luck1 0,19;1,1 T_ST_RandomLootSuper NeoGoldReward_Medium Luck2 0,19;1,1 T_ST_WeaponMagic T_ST_ArmorMagic T_ST_RingAmuletBeltMagic T_ST_RandomLootSuper Luck3 0,19;1,1 T_ST_WeaponMagic T_ST_ArmorMagic T_ST_RingAmuletBeltMagic Luck4 0,19;1,1 T_ST_WeaponRare T_ST_ArmorRare T_ST_RingAmuletBeltRare T_ST_WeaponMagic T_ST_ArmorMagic T_ST_RingAmuletBeltMagic LuckTop 1,1 T_ST_WeaponLegendary T_ST_ArmorLegendary T_ST_RingAmuletBeltLegendary T_ST_WeaponRare T_ST_ArmorRare T_ST_RingAmuletBeltRare Luck5 0,19;1,1 T_LuckTop Luck6 0,18;1,1 T_LuckTop Luck7 0,17;1,1 T_LuckTop Luck8 0,16;1,1 T_LuckTop Luck9 0,15;1,1 T_LuckTop Luck10 0,14;1,1 T_LuckTop -> Level 1-5 has a chance of 5% of one additional item with increasing qulaity by level with legendary at Luck 5. After that only the chance increases slightly up to 6.6% at Luck 10

          • Anonymous

            03 Apr 2020 01:22  

            it procs very often and lands some amazing loot but the diablo style loot system is a little too much, stay away from this skill if you don't like loot *****.

            • Anonymous

              07 Jul 2019 12:51  

              I suspect the level only affects gear quality and not the proc rate. At 9 Lucky Charm all the items I get are either legendary or divine, but I haven't noticed an increase in proc rate (I haven't actually measured it though).

              • Anonymous

                02 Apr 2019 17:12  

                Pretty great to have. Look into every thing you can loot from and it might activate. These lucky finds will net you a lot of money or some really useful gear. Down side is that it's random, so repeat runs may not be as lucky.

                • Anonymous

                  21 Sep 2018 21:06  

                  I was wondering if I had 2 or more people with lucky charm if it would have a higher chance of getting loot or if everything has the same chance it's just the lvl that affects the rarety and if so is having higher than lvl 5 worthless

                  • Anonymous

                    16 Sep 2018 16:34  

                    5 points using all-skilled up, Justia Glove looted near top of the map at act 2, Captained Compass looted from deathfog ship after Wreckers Cave, I sit at 9 Lucky Charm, 9 Thieving and 9(10) Bartering with 3 million gold with no cheats. I wonder I'll hit 5 million by the end of the game for my personal global record. Thieving can be acquired by getting a glove from driftwood kid if you mention fort joy girl next to the boss and an armor that grants Thieving called Racht Muvora.

                    • Anonymous

                      03 May 2018 11:37  

                      When it says "Is now a party-wide talent" do they ONLY mean in Single-player with your henchmen? Does it also apply in Multi-player/Co-op?

                      And also, anyone know if (if it does work in Co-op) it stacks? So If I have 3 in LC, and another player has 3 in LC, do we have a combined LC of 6 that is taken into consideration, or is it just 3, mean one of us needs to focus on it and the other should focus on other civil abilities?

                      • Anonymous

                        15 Apr 2018 21:44  

                        If an item generated by lucky charm does not have a desirable enchantment, you can reload a save from within 20-25m of the container and each time lucky charm will trigger on the same container and will have the same loot BUT with different enchantments. For example, if a container gives a rawhide scale armor with 10% poison resistance you can save scum to get the same armor but with +1 warfare which is more useful. The loot will be same in every way except for the enchantments. This also applies to enchanted gear found without lucky charm. Also breaking locked chests instead of lockpicking does not prevent lucky charm from triggering because the loot is generated as soon as you come within 20-25m of the container.

                        • Anonymous

                          29 Jan 2018 14:17  

                          does anything happen if i have lucky charm on multiple people? Or does it just apply the highest one? I'm gonna assume its the highest one and put more stuff into other abilities

                          • Anonymous

                            26 Jan 2018 05:01  

                            I think it is area dependant.
                            I was as level 12 at the Sawmill with the Lone Wolves and it gave me a level 14 legendary..Moving to a lower level area gave me lower level item..I am not sure if having higher than 5 does anything like Bartering or Thievery...
                            I suspect it does not.The frequency it procs looks the same as 5 and as 7.(with gear)
                            Level 1-2 gives scrolls money or grenades.Maybe green items.

                            • 13 Dec 2017 12:43  

                              As of recent patch (Hotfix v3.0.159.021), I'm pretty sure I saw the message "X shared Lucky Charm with Y" while looting a box and getting the 4 leaves clover visual, so it seems they have changed it to work for the whole party.

                              • Anonymous

                                09 Dec 2017 13:25  

                                is there any benefit from having lucky charm on 2 characters? I have it maxed on one, does it make sense to pour it into 2 characters now that it is "shared" across the team?

                                • Anonymous

                                  26 Nov 2017 13:37  

                                  151.229 patch: If I have 8 lucky charm (5 base + 3 from gear) the luck bonus will never trigger, however if I decrease it to 6, gears start pouring. Definitely needs fixing....

                                  • Anonymous

                                    07 Nov 2017 04:00  

                                    If a chest is locked, will lucky charm proc from the person who picks the lock? Or can I pick the lock with a high thievery character and switch to my lucky charm character to open it?

                                    (I only just started the game, so forgive me if that's not how lock picking works)

                                    • Anonymous

                                      16 Oct 2017 14:20  

                                      The rarity of your "bonus loot" depends on the loot containers level. For example: Divine items are available once you reach level 16 on your characters, as such, you can only find Divine items in loot containers which are able to spawn level 16+ items. I did find my first Divine item via Lucky Charm on the Bloodmoon Isle and a lot more frequent on the Nameless Isle. Same applies to Legendary items, which usually start being available in Act 2 etc. -- My Lucky Charm rank is 10 currently, yet I am not sure if the actual rank of Lucky Charm determines the possible rarity you find or rather how frequently you actually "trigger" the bonus loot - I feel like the latter is the case.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        16 Oct 2017 11:02  

                                        I don't think this is true:
                                        Only triggers with the one with this talent, not the teammates.

                                        Got 0 luck on my main char, but 7 on companion and got legendary boots from fish barrel and clover with sound.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          10 Oct 2017 19:46  

                                          retested this after release of patch 143.909

                                          maxed at 5, +1 from gear (so LC at 6)

                                          opened 200 containers in Act 1

                                          -very first trigger was an epic level dagger, (level 2, heh), so you can find epic gear right from the start in act 1.
                                          -most of the gear was either rare or epic level, with a few magic pieces but no legendary.
                                          -the gear was usually better than what vendors were selling, and most of my best gear was from LC up to level 7.
                                          -adds a bit more interest to opening every container you see.

                                          conclusion: totally worth maxing this skill on one character, still.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            06 Oct 2017 05:48  

                                            The character with Lucky Charm has to be the one opening all the containers to get it to trigger? Or can you get the bonus if someone in your party has Lucky Charm?

                                            • Anonymous

                                              01 Oct 2017 19:19  

                                              You can get Divine items aswell from Lucky charm, Not sure what minimum level is required but i think it's 6.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                23 Sep 2017 16:06  

                                                Also if lucky charm activates looting an object you can reload a previous save, loot everything up until that point again, and save scum for stats as well as go loot from a different object to spawn a different item (Example, you loot a belt you can load the save, go to a different barrel, and get boots, and proceed to save scum the item for the stats you want)

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