Maddening Song

Maddening Song

Sing, causing characters in your target area to become Mad. Maddened characters will attack those nearest them, regardless of alignment.

 Set Mad for 1 turn(s).

 Costs 0 Memory cldwn6


Maddening Song is a Special Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.



Maddening Song Spell Book Location

  • This skill is granted automatically to Lohse.



Maddening Song Requirements



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    • Anonymous

      Only times this skill could be useful is 2nd half of Act 1 when you first gain access to source but no access to charm grenades or Mind Maggot Grenades and maybe the final battle when you have unlimited source

      • Anonymous

        If you go with Lohse's "default" class , aka Aero/ Hydro enchanter, than this ability is not very useful. Aero/ Hydro schools have countless ways to crowd control someone when the magic armor has been stripped, making this skill pretty pointless.

        I can see this being quite useful for Pyro or Geo builds though, since those schools kind of lack built in crowd control. Cool thing about Mad is that, even enemies that are not effected by mad will often attack their own mad allies, making them fight between each other and ignoring your characters.

        • Anonymous

          So this skill just rised up in my opinion. Mad ennemies do not always attack the closest character, they might attack someone else, but the non mad ennemies might also target them. I used it on 3 zombies during the Radeka fight and the other zombies and the flying bugs focused them down during that turn instead of focusing me. It can kinda control ennemies with armor so it is pretty decent.

          • Anonymous

            People just dont understand the value of this skill. I have 4 enemies clumped up, barely strip the magic armor off them, cast entagle on them, then Maddening Song, not only they ignore my characters which are not nearby, but they also kill eachother. Next turn you just find them with 10% life. Insane.

            • Anonymous

              Would've been an insane spell if it wasn't blocked by magic armor. Currently if Lohse can cast this upon a foe she can permastun it alternatively - effectively rendering it useless in 9/10 scenarios.

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