Magister Loke


Magister Loke is a NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.



Magister Loke information

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Magister Loke location



Notes and Tips

  • If you take the nonviolent approach and be outright honest from the beginning of the conversation until he asks to shackle you (and let him), you will be ambushed by skeletons. 4 worth of 425 XP each To a total of 1700.
  • If you fight undead and not kill him, he will talk to you and thank you for saving his life.
  • He is worth 1700 XP
  • If you use Source to try to heal him, such as with Bless, he will turn hostile and attack immediately

    • Anonymous

      11 Apr 2019 03:54  

      Haha I thought I was the only one so -affected- by the whole... emotional... exchange until I googled "Magister Loke" and it's actually a search suggestion hahaha along with "Magister Loke romance" XD whew but for real tho the whole thing just broke my heart. The dialog and voice acting was so well done. I really would've liked to see him later in the game but oh well, I hope at least he got his eyes healed. Also, I'm***** and I'm playing Ifan and it kinda irks me the game is pushing me towards Lohse haha I'm like nah sis I'm not having any of that, give me some Jace Loke love and I'm set for life haha

      • Anonymous

        07 Mar 2019 23:11  

        I'm frustrated I cannot heal him with Hydrosophist magic, neither with other healing spells. The moment he brushed my arm with his thumb made me squee inside. This poor fellow needs to be a romanceable character, or I want to know what happened to him after we met, at least.

        • Anonymous

          03 Nov 2018 12:37  

          I dont remember how it went in the first release, but in DE I was able to persuade him back to the camp, but couldnt find him anywhere else after that. Anyone know what happens to him after?

          • Anonymous

            04 Sep 2018 02:07  

            After saving him (didn't hit him once, didn't use source magic, was honest from the beginning and let him shackle me) he still says "You just picked the wrong fight!" and initiates combat with me. Reloaded and saved him again but the same thing happened. Any idea what's causing this?

            • Anonymous

              30 Jul 2018 20:13  

              He is so nice comehow, he does in what he believes... I want a romance with him too! !! everyone wants a romance with him so come one, developers, make a patch which allows to have a romace with him and heal him!

              • Anonymous

                13 Jan 2018 10:21  

                "until he asks to shackle you" wasn't very specific...

                Actually letting him shackle you will prompt him to realize that the skeletons have come back.

                • Anonymous

                  20 Oct 2017 23:28  

                  Is there no way to heal him with source? I'm quite surprised considering I can conjure up beings and heal someone to perfect condition and bring people back to life, but not heal an eye wound? Seems a bit*****.

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