Magister Siwan

Magister Siwan

Magister Siwan is an NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.



Magister Siwan Information

  • Siwan is the first Magister you meet on the ship
  • She will give you a rundown on the source collar attached to your neck as well as your current location/destination
  • Though she survives the initial source blast from Windego, she will pass away once you finish the tutorial



Magister Siwan Location

  • Magister Siwan first appears in The Hold in the starting room (Coordinates: X:12 Y:-243)



Notes and Tips

  • Initiating a conversation with Siwan will give you the Troubled Waters and The Collar quests
  • After Windego uses her source blast, Siwan can be found at her original area and can either be slain for some easy exp or the player can initiate a unique dialogue choice for an interesting exchange

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