Fort Joy (Abandoned Camp)

Malady is an NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2. She appears after defeating Bishop Alexandar in the Abandoned Camp and proceeds to help the party throughout the game.



Malady information

  • After finishing Act 1 you set sail on the Lady Vengeance. This is where she will be located.
  • If you have Lohse in your party, Malady can help her to weaken the demon that possesses her in the quest Doctor's Orders.
  • Apparently Malady made some kind of deal with Adramahlihk (also known as The Doctor) and would like to get out of it. She can be seen discussing it with The Advocate on Bloodmoon Island.
  • After the death of Meister Siva Malady gets highly interested in player's ascension to divinity since he might help her with something what she was getting Siva's help for. The nature of Malady's problem is not revealed though, and if you talk to the spirit of Meister Siva she will advise against offering assistance to Malady, insisting that this business is only between them two. Malady will ask for your help after saving you in The Arena of the One.



Malady location

  • Malady first appears on Reaper's Eye island, near the Abandoned Camp after you defeat Bishop Alexandar.



Notes and Tips

  • Malady can remove a player's source collar if it is still on after defeating Alexandar.
  • Malady will teleport away if the player tries to kill her on Reaper's Eye island. If the player kills her in 1 hit, they will not be able to leave the island and proceed to the next Act.
  • If all the master sourcerers in Act 2 are killed by the party before accepting their source training, or either their training is rejected by the party, Malady will tell the player to go to the Lady Vengeance, and she will reveal the location of the Nameless Isle. She will die in the beginning of the final chapter if this is done. (Note that this will prevent her from helping Lohse against the doctor. Yet, the different endings still work. i.e. if you purge yourself, she will still restore your soul somehow. And no matter what ending you pick, the lady vengeance will also be restored.)
  • At the end of the game Malady will approach you before the final battle and pray for you.


In other languages

  • Français: Maladie


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    • Anonymous

      People really defend Malady? Malady just shows up out of nowhere and acts like she owns you. One dude in these comments said "She's only treating you which skepticism, as anyone should." Oh really? Well I have skepticism about her, so I'm not going to answer her questions. Oh, no, she bit me and stole my memories. SO cool of her.

      Then she literally steals my boat. I figured out how to speak with the boat, free it from slavery and say it can do whatever it wants, but it agrees to help ME of its own free will. "Hey Lady Vengeance, can you take me to the nameless isle?" - "Nope. Gotta ask Malady to say I can go." So what, she re-enslaved the ship I set free? Nah, you guys are right, COOL character.

      She's a snarky ***** for no reason who wont answer any questions but bites you every time you wont answer one of hers. The only reason anyone tolerates or defends her is because she is made to be hot. If they wrote the story as Wendigo (the crazy old lady) being in this position of being annoying and sarcastic to you constantly, everyone would hate this character.

      • Anonymous

        There is a mystery behind this character, I'd like to have more of her story in the next game. Like a book you can find about her and the godwoken she helped or something like that. Too many questions and not enough answers for me!

        • Anonymous

          Wrong wiki info, she is not simple elf. She did not even do any bargains with any demons and I don't think she needs to lol.. hell she is a part demon/demon born herself with even higher leagues then that of Adramahlihk or any archdemon..

          • Anonymous

            Why are there so many double digit iQ chimps here that hate/think malady is a poorly written character? Lmao, she’s literally one of the most deceptively good natured characters in the game that just initially treats you with a small amount of skepticism as anyone should. What about her character is so terrible or badly written? All I se people complaining about is that she was mean to them and they had to cry themselves to sleep that night or something. Or that they were insecure about her being initially stronger than their make believe character up until act 3/4. Honestly grow up lmao, realistically speaking she’s probably the most “realistic” character in the entire game.

            • Anonymous

              You can't kill Malady normally. If you attack her, even if she goes to 0 vitality, she just says "Seriously, don't" or a similar line and poofs out of existence briefly before coming back with full health.

              • Anonymous

                So half these comments are weirdo incels projecting their issues and hate for females on to a f-cking video game while the other half are horny 19 year old boys wanting to bang pixels.

                God I love the internet.

                • Anonymous


                  Malady can die during the story if certain conditions are met. You have kill or reject all the source masters in reapers coast. She then sells part of her soul to the doctor in exchange for the location of the nameless isle. After she rescues you from nameless isle and takes you to arx, she collapses and dies having used up all her energy rescuing you.

                  • Anonymous

                    Despite how annoying she may be, maybe we should acknowledge the fact she still helped and saved Godwoken multiple times? And what she asked for return was just a favour.

                    • Anonymous

                      if you never visit hall of echoes and recieve the bless skill when you first met her , she can sent you there.

                      • Anonymous

                        I have to agree with some of the other commenters, this character just comes off as extremely unlikeable and annoying.

                        • Anonymous

                          Abrasive and unlikable when you first meet them. Plot armor out the ass as a mary-sue darling from the writers, no shock the main question is how to kill someone so boastful and arrogant in their first words exposed to them in a game where your choices matter, unless it's a multiple choice Larian writing that doesn't affect how the character reacts at all. Choices matter, except they kinda don't at all, keep the plot moving.

                          • Anonymous

                            Anyone else can't take this character seriously? It's so poorly written and overdone.. Why does it have to be such an annoying character, the writers at Larian really outdid themselves. But it just destroys all the immersion from playing the game when you get super annoyed when this character is on the screen.

                            I mean, you can write this kind of condescending and arrogant characters several ways, you can do it like here with Malady and be overly comical and fury inducing. Or you can write the character like Jon Irenicus in Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Awn, similar kind of character who acts as a story driving character in the game yet the writing is so much better and the character is widely considered as a classic RPG villain.

                            Based on this Malady character and few others I'm quite frightful at Larian doing a sequel to Baldur's Gate and destroying it's legacy with stupidly written characters. If they would have just Divinity 3 instead of Baldur's gate I'd be more than fine them having this kind of writing in the game..

                            • Anonymous

                              My only question is what happens if you one shot her after getting to nameless isle and then go do the final fight, does that cutscene still happen or what

                              • Anonymous

                                What does it mean killing her breaks the game? Explain!?!?! Does it corrupt the file, make it impossible to progress, crash the game?

                                • Anonymous

                                  she's asking me to pray cos i didn't use the altars - it's the only way to get out of Fort Joy. I won't do it. I shot her and she disappeared *laughs hysterically*

                                  • Anonymous

                                    don't attack her after she gives wants you get on the boat or finish other quests on the island, she will disappear and only say "DON'T", you will never be able to leave the island if you do

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