Mass Oily Carapace

Mass Oily Carapace

Each ally consumes oil surfaces around them, converting the oil surfaces to Physical Armour physical. Removed Slowed.

Restore up to [400% of total heal value] Physical Armour, depending on relevant surface area.

Requires Geomancer 2cldwn5
Requires Warfare 2
Costs 2 Memory
 Range 13m

geomancer-skills-dos2 Geomancer

Mass Oily Carapace is a Geomancer Skill in Divinity Original Sin 2.


Mass Oily Carapace location


Mass Oily Carapace effects

  • Scroll cannot be crafted
  • AoE radius 2m
  • Is not affected by range bonuses (Far Out Man, Farsight)


Mass Oily Carapace trivia & strategies



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