Migo is a NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.



Migo information

  • Migo is the father of Yarrow, turned into a monster from experiments. You find him eating corpses by one of the many beaches found in this area.
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Migo location



Notes and Tips

  • If you give him a Yarrow flower, it will pacify him and he won't attack you.
  • Yarrow flowers tend to grow wherever there is death or disease. In Fort Joy, there is one by Mona to the left of where you first enter Fort Joy by the entrance to the area Griff is in, and there is one by Saam and Baladir to the opposite side of the kitchen. Hold down the ALT key to make finding them easier. Note that you only need one.
  • If you refrain from killing Migo before informing Yarrow of his location (and before you get your collar removed, as any magister in Fort Joy turns immediately hostile therein), you will experience the full conversation path, also allowing you gain experience from the quest, and after the quest completes you can kill them both, giving you Migo's Breastplate and Migo's Ring.
  • If you turn in the quest after not having killed Migo, Yarrow will take Migo's Ring from you and not return it.
  • Migo is fairly easy to beat. With magic armor you can avoid his poison AoE ability, with armor you can avoid his charge knockdown and make sure you are split to avoid taking full damage of his Whirlwind ability.

    • Anonymous

      15 Jul 2019 16:36  

      I wish I'd realized the flower thing was an option. I didn't kill his daughter, it felt wrong; I was 90% sure she wasn't going to be toeing the Magister party line for much longer, which meant there was no real good to be accomplished with her death. I DID steal the ring while she wept over him, however. I mean, she was still part of the group that enslaved me and murdered tons of people, so there was that.

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