Mind Maggot Grenade

mind maggot grenade
Set Charmed for 4 turns
Item Type Grenades
Craftable Yes
Range 13m
Explosion Radius 8m
Weight 1
Value 600

Mind Maggot Grenade is a Grenade in Divinity: Original Sin 2. Grenades are a type of projectile that can be thrown at enemies. They can be crafted from Material gathered in the game and can be used by any character. Grenade damage / heal will scale with your current level.


"Will try to charm all in a 8m radius."

 Information about Mind Maggot Grenade

Mind Maggot Grenade is a charm grenade. The charm lasts for double the duration of the spell Dominate Mind and Love Grenade, and double the blast radius of love grenade. A Jar of Mind Maggots is a rare item, so you'll not be able to craft very many of these. As such, it is best to reserve these grenades for very difficult fights where you are able to hit multiple enemies with no magic armour. You can lower the AP cost of any grenade by one point while you have nothing in your off-hand by taking the talent Ambidextrous. You can also increase the range of any grenade by 5m by taking the Slingshot talent, and by 2m with the Far Out Man talent.


Where to find / Location


Crafting Recipes

Ingredient 1

Ingredient 2


empty grenade Empty Grenade jar of mind maggots A Jar of Mind Maggots mind maggot grenade Mind Maggot Grenade


Notes and Trivia about Mind Maggot Grenade

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    • Anonymous

      Here's a list of all the jars of mind maggots that I found:

      • (1) FORT JOY – IN MAGISTER BARRACKS–second level, room near Kniles the Flenser
      • (1) LADY VENGENCE – hidden room below Dallis’ quarters

      • (2) BLACKPITS – in building with White Magisters & Black Ring captives

      • (1) ARX – sitting out on display at Trader Aravae’ stall (near church entrance), need to steal it.
      • (1) ARX – sitting out on display at Unarmed Elf’s stall (near church entrance), need to steal it.
      • (1) ARX – sitting out on display at Trader Victor Voss’ stall (along docks next to the bridge theat leads to Lord Kemm’s estate), need to steal it.
      • (3) ARX – all in the basement of Sanguina Tell (loan lady)
      • (2) ARX – in separate alcoves of the hidden magister enclave below the magister barracks.

      • Anonymous

        This did nothing against Bishop Alexandar and his nearby allies with his 'Faith' aura for an unclear reason.

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