Miscellaneous Recipes in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


Miscellaneous Recipes

Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Final Product Effect
Hair Hair Thread  
Inert Voodoo Doll Pixie Dust Not Yet Implemented  
Knife Wooden Log Wood Chips + 2 Branches  
Knife Tooth Shock Arrowhead  
Knife Feather Quill  
Knife Hair Spool of thread  
Thread Needle Needle and Thread For Sewing
Needle and Thread Pixie Dust Not Yet Implemented  
Sheet of Paper Air Essence Blank Air Scroll  
Mortar and Pestle Bone Bonedust  
Mortar and Pestle Skull Bonedust  
Mortar and Pestle Moonstone Moondust  
Mortar and Pestle Stardust Herb Stardust  
Mortar and Pestle Wheat Flour  Basic Cooking Ingredient
Rope Leather Scraps Backpack  
Stardust Bonedust Pixie Dust  
Stardust Moondust Pixie Dust  
Water Barrel Wood Chips Mush of Wood  
Wooden Figurine Needle Inert Voodoo Doll  
Wool Wool Yarn  
Shank Log Wooden Branch  

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