Mody is a NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.



Mody information

  • Mody will point out a secret spot on your map (free loot)
  • If you beat him at hide and go seek he will lead you to an important quest giver
  • In the third instance of hide and go seek he will turn invisible and run up to the sandy area in the cave 


Mody location



Notes and Tips

  • If Mody sees you fighting Lord Withermoore, Mody will run. But when you go back up the ladder/hatch he will give you a Minor Healing Potion. This is because "You guys are friends, like you and Wither could've been." It's actually a poison potion.
  • If you free Withermore from his phylactery Mody will cease to talk to you.
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    • Anonymous

      09 Nov 2018 14:18  

      If you talk to Mody before talking to Wither and smashing the jar he'll tell you where his treasure is. It's worth 300 exp and there is some junk. It's right in the main cave area on a wooden ledge.

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