Mordus is a NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.



Mordus information

  • Mordus is one of the NPCs that can train the player in Source, and is part of the quests "Shadow over Driftwood" and "The Law of the Order".
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Mordus location



Notes and Tips

  • Mordus' Amulet, given to the player or found on Mordus' corpse, is required to open a nearby spirit lock.
  • Spend Source Points immediately, as if you cannot keep him CC'ed - he will transform and make the fight harder.
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    • Anonymous

      26 May 2019 18:12  

      Despite what wiki page says, he can be CC'd but each CC works only one turn on him (Walk it off talent). Beaten him on tactician (lvl 10) with two mages. Perserverance might be annoying but (with mages) this fight is very easy just focusing him and making him asleep (Chloroform).

      • Anonymous

        31 Mar 2019 04:48  

        Ignore the enthralled sourcerers and just focus Mordus down, he won't transform if there are no corpses to suck the source out of (at least in explorer mode)

        • Anonymous

          27 Nov 2018 08:27  

          get rid of sir lora's spirit before fight or he will consume squirrel to transform and make the fight harder.

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