Mordus' Amulet




  • Magic Armor + 50
  • Constitution + 1
  • Necromancy + 2





Mordus' Amulet is an Armor in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.




Mordus' Amulet Information

  • Can be used to unlock a magical seal on a hatch in the back of the Wrecker's Cave.
  • ??


Mordus' Amulet Requirements

    • ??



Mordus' Amulet Notes/Tips

  • ??


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    • Anonymous

      This is out of date.
      The amulet has only one rune slot and gave different skill bonuses (finesse and warfare) it didn't grant any skills and has no resistances.

      • Anonymous

        Were a lot of items patched over the years? My amulet (like the unique bow from dwarven lady at the windmill) does not have "devour corpse." It also only has one empty slot. I picked it up at level 13.

        • Anonymous

          If you accidentally report to Lohar before opening the magic lock in the back of Mordus' cave and he takes the amulet from you, you can steal it back. I had Lohse engage him in conversation, then had Sebille (thievery level 5) stand in the south side of the room, go into stealth mode, sidle up to Lohar and pickpocket him.

          • Anonymous

            It must be obvious for everyone now, but this amulet has +20% fire resistance, and it reflects 10% melee damage as fire damage.

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