No Way Out

Owin Anchoret
Location Blackpits
Suggested Level 14+
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No Way Out is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Short description goes here.



Important NPCs



No Way Out Objectives

  1. Help the magisters flush out Owin or help Owin get rid of magisters


No Way Out Walkthrough

 Some Magisters are using bombs to try and flush out a man (Owin) from his house (X:644 Y:142) in the Blackpits. They claim he is a Sourcerer who has killed one of their comrades.

You can persuade magisters that you can handle the situation. The man can be found in a cellar, persuade him to come out and face the magisters. (Armed or unarmed)

This quest can end up "unresolved" if not handled in a particular way, resulting in Owin never leaving his cellar and the Magisters not leaving the scene either. The quest entry will not be marked as closed either. The following are two paths you can take that do properly resolve the quest. There is also a third "alternate" path you can take that allows you to help Owin without turning all the Magisters in Blackpits hostile. This third path can also help if you find yourself in one of the "unresolved" states that the quest can leave you in if you did not follow Path 1 or Path 2.

Path 1: Helping Owin. Note that this method results in fighting the Magisters, and will cause the rest of the Magisters in Blackpits to also become hostile, locking you out of dialogue.

  • Convince the Magisters you can handle the situation. (7,500XP)
  • Go into the cellar and convince Owin to leave the cellar armed or unarmed.
  • Return to the Magisters and side with Owin.
  • Kill the Magisters. (11,225XP or 7,500XP per Magister killed)
  • Talk to Owin. (7,500XP) or "cut Owin's hand", after taking the sword, because you were "just curious". (11,225xp)

 Path 2: Helping the Magisters.

  • Convince the Magisters you can handle the situation. (7,500XP)
  • Go into the cellar and convince Owin to leave the cellar armed or unarmed.
  • Return to the Magisters and side with the Magisters or "leave them to it".
  • Talk with the Magisters. (11,225XP)

Alternate Path: Helping Owin without turning all Magisters in Blackpits hostile.

  • Convince the Magisters you can handle the situation. (7,500XP)
  • Go into the cellar and convince Owin to hand over the sword and leave in when it's safe (either option will work) [scholar].
  • Report back to the Magisters, though they will not leave.
  • Use pickpocketing to steal an item from one of the Magisters.
  • Allow yourself to be caught and allow the search. The Magisters will become hostile and attack you.
  • Kill the Magisters. (11,225XP or 7,500XP per Magister killed)
  • Talk to Owin. (7,500XP)

Tips & Tricks

  • Fighting the Magisters outside Owin's home will result in all Magisters in Blackpits becoming hostile and you will not be able to participate in any dialogue with them. Use the Alternate Path listed in the walkthrough section to avoid this.
  • The Magisters from Blackpits will only be hostile to character the Magister leader spoken when Owin leaves the cellar. Meaning you can leave the affected companion unchained and roam around talking to the other magisters. Provided you don't prompt fights with the affected companion. 

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    • Anonymous

      14 Jun 2021 02:17  

      Playing DE, the Alternate Path worked for me but not quite as described. As soon as I left the cellar with Owin’s sword, the Magister Inquisitor asked if I failed. The first 2 conversation options did nothing and option 3 (“Ignore him. Keep walking.”) triggered the fight. The Magister Patroller had been walking towards us and so quickly joined the fight. As has been mentioned, once the Patroller turns hostile then the guards at the gate do so as well. I killed the 3 magisters in front of the house and then killed the Patroller. As soon as the Patroller died everyone else stopped being hostile and let me through the gate like if nothing had happened.

      Here’s where it gets complicated. The Patroller stopped inside a smoke cloud, and that’s where he died. So either using the Alternate Path and killing the Patroller near the house makes every other magister no longer hostile, or having a big ass smoke cloud blocking line of sight for the gate guards made every other magister no longer hostile once the fight ended.

      • Anonymous

        12 Jun 2021 02:04  

        Looks like, in DE, if the patrolling guard enters the combat area the magisters at the gate will become hostile, so you probably need to freeze the patroller in a conversation.

        • Anonymous

          27 Feb 2021 08:40  

          Confirmed Alternate path will work. Had one of my party members talk to the patrolling guard far away, used the other three to attack (didn’t have to do the stealing bs just attacked). All will pop up red at first but when you’re done they will not be hostile.

          • Anonymous

            21 Dec 2020 09:15  

            Cannot get the alternate path to work, no matter how far the patrol is from the gate all magisters becomes hostile.

            • Anonymous

              10 Nov 2020 00:54  

              Confirmed that DE you can agro the magisters outside Owin's house without making the rest of black pit magister's hostile as long as the one that patrols is not near the gate. The people who are agroing both the gate and this group are engaging when the patrolling markswoman is close enough to the gate to alert the others.

              • Anonymous

                23 Sep 2020 23:19  

                You must kill the patrolling Magister if you want to save Owin properly. After the quest Owin loiters about his burning home lamenting and eventually that magister doing rounds bumps into him and will turn hostile and kill Owin for sure if you took his sword off him. You'd think that after saving his ass he'd be smart enough to run, but no.

                • Anonymous

                  30 Aug 2020 23:43  

                  if you kill magisters before talking to him you get no bonus xp for completing this quest.

                  confirm this plz

                  • Anonymous

                    21 May 2020 22:09  

                    I'm on the most recent version of DE (check today's date) and I killed the corrupt magisters trying to smoke Owin out (after speaking to them and Owin and helping Owin). No one else is hostile toward me. My battle did not wander close to the gate either.

                    • Anonymous

                      01 Feb 2020 15:18  

                      Alternate Method: The cliff @ the cemetery (where you philosophize and match wits with the undead know-it-all) just so happens to overlook the burning house and the magisters are all within spell distance. I teleported each of them up one by one and slaughtered them 4 on 1. You know... With honor. You can then proceed with the "kill magisters method" in the blackpits at your leisure, and the remaining magisters will be none-the-wiser and happy to chat - before you shove an oil barrel up each of their tailpipes.

                      • Anonymous

                        12 Jan 2020 08:19  

                        If you kill all the magisters, go inside and talk to Owin (it's not owen), tell him he's free to go, then go outside again and talk to him the quest will be resolved and the XP earned.

                        • Anonymous

                          29 Aug 2019 23:59  

                          why the hell would i waste all of this effort just to beable to speak with bloody magisters? i killed every magister in this game without even speaking to a single one of them! doing quests for magisters? HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA i can't bear to be within 10 meters from these without instantly killing them then face ripping their corpse and purging their souls

                          • Anonymous

                            05 Aug 2019 21:17  

                            Convince the Magisters, Go into the spot with the guy, come out, unchain one of your characters and talk with the patrol around the gate area, as far from the magisters, kill them, no aggro. And to finish the quest just go into the cellar and tell him that magisters outside are dead, let him come out, talk with him, and the quest ends.

                            • Anonymous

                              29 Jan 2019 23:32  

                              LOL. In my case it was the best alternative path: I've convinced magisters, then owen. Then I climb the ladder the magisters addres random char in my party (Lohse, I was Fane) that didn't have sword on them, so they've attacked anyway. Killed them, the gate keepers remained neutral (though they were red right at the beginning of the fight). Maybe because I've talked to them first. So in the end: alternative path with no tricks involved in fighting magisters and not turning anyone else hostile!

                              • Anonymous

                                11 Nov 2018 16:09  

                                Well I killed all magister on site in blackpitts including the ones firebombing the house, went in basement told him he could leave then blocked his path asked for sword then cut him with it and he died and got 11xp

                                • Anonymous

                                  30 Sep 2018 07:07  

                                  Convince the Magisters you can handle the situation. (7,500XP) Kill all the magister includes patrol (11,225XP or 7,500XP per Magister killed) Go to the cellar and ask him to come out then talk to him (7,500XP) Done. No hostile magister after that.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    22 Sep 2018 08:47  

                                    I tell Owen to wait, then i kill the Magisters outside, then Owen come outside ask who murder them? i tell him i did, then Owen turn hostile killed him, got 11k exp which path is this?? hahahah

                                    • 01 Sep 2018 01:11  

                                      Unchain one of your party and stay on the bridge, when the patroller come to the bridge, talk to her untill you start the fight with the magister on the Owen house. The magister on the gate wont be a hostile. Have fun

                                      • Anonymous

                                        10 Aug 2018 16:16  

                                        I took the sword from Owen and told him to wait in the basement to fight the magisters. Mid fight he came up to 'help' which was fine, some healing and armor on the dumbass to keep him alive delayed me but managed. Both of the rangers that were left with only 200 hp, one turn from death, when this idiot pulled the entire side camp I managed to dodge perfectly and he got instantly killed. Too salty to reload and now my quest is unfinnished.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          29 Jul 2018 23:43  

                                          After killing the Patroller and the Magisters outside, then speaking to Owen a few times and completing the quest (also quicksaving), I got into a fight on sight with the Magisters at the gate. Predictable given the info on this page, but I didn't like my positioning, so I reloaded. Upon reloading, the Magisters at the gate are not hostile and I can speak to them normally. Not intentional and not even sure it's repeatable, just thought I'd mention it.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            18 Jun 2018 22:40  

                                            The alternate path does not turn the other magisters hostile but the patrol will most likely kill him. You can complete the quest before that happens and can loot him afterwards :P

                                            • Anonymous

                                              03 Jun 2018 21:58  

                                              You can send one of your party members onward to talk to the patrolman by the gate so he doesn't wander near the house and cause an alarm (make all of the magister's hostile). Then, if you side with Owen with your other three party members, you can kill the magisters but not have the entire camp aggro.

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