Oil Flask

Creates an Oil surface
Item Type Grenades
Craftable Yes
Range 13m
Explosion Radius 2m
Weight 0.2
Value 30

Oil Flask is a Grenade in Divinity: Original Sin 2. Grenades are a type of projectile that can be thrown at enemies. They can be crafted from Material gathered in the game and can be used by any character. Grenade damage / heal will scale with your current level.


"Creates a small oil puddle with a 2m radius."


Information about Oil Flask

Oil Flask doesn't deal any damage, but creates an oil surface. Anyone standing in the impact area (winged characters excluded) will end up being Slowed by the oil surface as long as they stand on it, and for 1 turn after leaving it, although the grenade itself doesn't apply the effect. You can lower the AP cost of any grenade by one point while you have nothing in your off-hand by taking the talent Ambidextrous. You can also increase the range of any grenade by 5m by taking the Slingshot talent, and by 2m with the Far Out Man talent.


Where to find / Location


Crafting Recipes

Ingredient 1

Ingredient 2


empty flask Empty Flask Oil_BarrelAny Oil Source oil_flask Oil Flask


Notes and Trivia about Oil Flask

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    • Anonymous

      It is possible, with sneak and telekinesis to remove the oil barrels from around the prisoners. Move them to the pack of another party member, then move outside and drop them.

      From just outside the back door it is possible to coat the prisoners with two oil flasks without starting the dialogue. If a character with high initiative initiates the dialog (I used an invisibility potion and walked into the room) then, once combat begins the very first action should be to bless the oil slick. This gives all three prisoners Fortify, which prevents the Shackles of Pain, for 1AP.

      I used Teleport and Nether Swap to flip the two main bad guys away from the prisoners. Peeled their magic armor and then Dominate Mind to make Raimond assist in killing the other guy.

      I hope this is useful.

      • Anonymous

        throw this at your feet + oil carapace = 2 times more physical armor per AP than fortify. It doesn't cleanse status effects like fortify though.

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