Old means Gold

Cat the Appraiser
Location The Arx
Suggested Level 19
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Old means Gold is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Speaking to an antique appraiser, Cat, she asks you for help in obtaining several items from Kemm's vault. Will you assist?



Important NPCs



Old means Gold Objectives

  1. Speak to Cat the Appraiser.
  2. Pass her speech check and find out the items she needs.
  3. Find out how to enter Kemm's secret vault.
  4. Find all 3 antiques.
  5. Sell all 3 antiques to Cat.



Old means Gold Walkthrough

At the west side of the city of Arx, outside Lord Kemm's Mansion, there will be some antique traders awaiting a notable appraiser named Cat. Head inside the mansion and speak to Cat the Appraiser. If you manage to pass a speech check, she will ask you to find three valuable antiques in Kemm's Vault. You will gain 19,400XP immediately. This is very straightforward quest, but may require some points in Wits to spot the hidden wall doors. This quest is best done in conjunction with "The Vault of Linder Kemm".

Inside Kemm's Vault, there are several automatons patrolling around. You can sneak past them, or kill them. The pictures below detail the locations of the three items required. Each time an item is acquired, you will gain 19,400XP.

Above shows the location of the painting, which will require bypassing 2 hidden wall doors. Make sure to have enough points in Wits to see them.

Above shows the location of the scroll, lying around in plain sight.

Above shows the location of the cup, yet again hiding in plain sight.

After you find all three antiques, return to Cat the Appraiser, and sell her all 3 antiques in the trade screen to complete the quest. Note that the antiques' price will differ drastically based on attitude and bartering skill, as with any item sold in the trade screen, so make sure to pick the character with the highest bartering skill (and attitude) for maximum rewards.

In any case, once you sell all 3 antiques to her, the quest is complete. She will also disappear from the game upon completion of this quest, so make sure to buy whatever you need from her before she leaves for good.




  • 19,400XP upon successfully passing the speech check to get her to talk about the antiques she requires.
  • 19,400XP per antique picked up, for a total of 58,200XP for all 3 antiques.
  • Some gold for each antique, based on bartering skill and attitude.

    • Anonymous

      26 Mar 2018 22:54  

      So I remember grabbing the correct painting. The painting of the Divine i believe it is called. Went to sell the stuff to her and could not find it. Just a painting of a knight worth 1 gold that tripped the quest succesfully. Meh

      • 09 Mar 2018 16:43  

        They must have renamed the painting recently. The one I got is called "Painting of a knight" (worth 1g). I sold all three items to her one at a time, exiting the conversation naturally each time. This completed the quest and I got XP and some random reward items, 1k gold, and choice of a lvl 18 gear, which was useless to me, but worth another 1k gold. So, not really worth it at level 19, but if you like sneaking around and getting past the sentries then may as well.

        • Anonymous

          23 Jan 2018 04:23  

          The Scroll of Eternity is under Books and Keys
          The Cup of Kings is under "Miscellaneous tab"
          The Painting of the Divine is under the "Miscellaneous tab" as well

          I hope this helps -


          • Anonymous

            12 Oct 2017 20:42  

            Am i supposed to be paid by her by "selling" the items to her? If that is so the devs didn't think this through, she only has 300 gold!

            • Anonymous

              09 Oct 2017 03:34  

              I completed it and she took the painting. It's the painting needed to get deeper into Kemm's vault and complete that quest. I'm not yet certain but I think having a pact with the God King and not being able to complete this task causes the game to not be complete-able.

              • Anonymous

                01 Oct 2017 06:10  

                I was able to complete the quest by choosing to barter with her. Tried both selling and donating but neither worked.

                • Anonymous

                  30 Sep 2017 22:22  

                  I talked to her, failed persuasion (with max persuasion) and got a quest that never explained anything. After reading here what I need, I took those 3 items and sold them to her. After closing dialogue she walked toward a big hatch called basement and disappeared.

                  When I entered the red flag said she is there, but she is not, she is just gone!

                  • Anonymous

                    27 Sep 2017 19:25  

                    Well I think there is an issue here. I found the scroll and the painting. I should have found the cup because I took everything on the table.
                    After that I went straight to Cat but I can't find that damned F~*#ing cup in my inventory... I'm sure I didn't sell it and there is nothing left on the table. I checked twice with "Alt".

                    • Anonymous

                      27 Sep 2017 16:33  

                      This quest is retarded. Why does Larian wants us to trade the items from our inventory which has no search function. I gave the 2 items but I cant seem to *****ing find the scroll in my *****ing inventory because it is highly crowded. What am I supposed to do now? Search for two hours one by one for the Scroll of Eternity. What purpose does this process serve? THX Larian.

                      • Anonymous

                        24 Sep 2017 22:38  

                        Seems to be broken. Going back to Cat she just opens a trade menu, trading her the items she just says "Now for the rest" with no quest update or completion.

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