Attack five times with astonishing speed, each hit dealing 50% damage.

 Damage is based on your basic attack and receives a bonus from Strength.

 Requires Warfare 3cldwn6
 Costs 2 Memory

 Requires a Melee Weapon
 Range 2.5m

warfare-skills-dos2 Warfare

Onslaught is an Warfare Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.



Onslaught Spell Book Location



Onslaught Requirements



Notes and Tips

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    • Anonymous

      05 Aug 2018 04:16  

      I just used an elf and was able to one shot Braccus no problem. Just used one white tea leaf and some flesh sacrifice and Adrenalin. Then used a polymorph skill to reset cooldowns and could onslaught twice. Using enrage the second time. Even just the first time left him with a quarter hp.

      • Anonymous

        04 Jul 2018 14:46  

        5 hits for 50% damage for 4 ap AND 2 sp vs just doing 4 normal hits for 100% damage for only 4 ap. you basically do less total damage for more cost just for 1 extra hit that could possibly inflict some debuff to the enemy, what a trash skill lmao.

        • Anonymous

          18 Apr 2018 00:29  

          If this was boosted to a higher number, say 80%, it would be a total of 400% weapon damage, which I think would justify the SP cost.

          • Anonymous

            16 Apr 2018 03:01  

            Overpower is just straight up better since:
            -Overpower plus one normal attack is the same damage for 1 less SP
            -Only 3 turns CD
            -Can destroy additional physical armor
            -Can knock people down
            -It doesn't require 4 ap at once at melee distance which makes it way less clunky to use

            • Anonymous

              03 Feb 2018 04:31  

              Another skill that needs to be buffed.it's equal to 2sp for half basic attack. Using overpower+crippling blow will do more damage(150%+115% compare to 50%*5) and cost 1 sp less. Maybe they should lower its cost to 3ap or add damage to 65%*5 while the ap cost remains 4 (daggers drawn should be 3ap or 72%*5/4ap and mortal blow 2sp).

              • Anonymous

                15 Jan 2018 18:17  

                For anyone who has done more than one playthrough should understand why this skill is amazing. Many groups of npc's start contact by talking, but the only resolution is combat. So start the fight with enrage+guerrilla (40% sneak dmg) or enrage(free crit dmg), and pow one enemy dead. Like the rest of the people in these comments I agree, the 2 sp and 4 ap is too expensive to use in combat. But think for yourselves guys, use it outside of combat and most fights that you can initiate yourself are ggwp. Just make sure you don't get locked into dialogue with this character or you will lose your initiation.

                • Anonymous

                  26 Dec 2017 20:04  

                  For why I feel Onslaught is useless, I will say for example's sake that your unmodified Basic Weapon Damage is 50.

                  Onslaught would do [50/2]x5=125 damage, have a 6 round cooldown, use 2 source points, and take up 2 memory slots.

                  If you skip Onslaught you save 2 Memory and can spend that on Strength instead.
                  -For the same 4 action points Onslaught costs you can do 2 basic attacks for [50x1.1]x2=110 total damage (only 12% less than Onslaught).
                  -All your other weapon attacks and skills now do 10% more damage as well.
                  -You can equip high Strength Requirement weapons and armour which itself can also boost your damage.
                  -You have 2 more Source Points to use elsewhere.
                  -You can carry more loot and lift heavier objects.

                  Even if you already maxxed out Strength, I still feel these 2 Memory points would be better spent on Constitution or Wits rather than spending them to just get a 20% boost to one attack once every 6 rounds at the cost of 2 Source Points.

                  • Anonymous

                    05 Dec 2017 23:54  

                    Lol dudes, what are you talking about? This skill destroys if you set it up with buffs before the turn you'll actually use it. First the guy with onslaught uses Master of Sparks, Firebrand and cripples the target if you wanna make sure there's a target close, but The Pawn talent can make up for it too. Then next turn, enrage, adrenaline(if you wanna crit every hit) and BAM!

                    • Anonymous

                      12 Oct 2017 15:46  

                      You guys get it wrong. It is not bad if you use it correctly. To start with, warriors don't need much skill points into warfare... so you put a lot more in 2-hand, which gives you crit multiplier. If you ENRAGE before you do this, you at least get 2 full extra attack. (Saying 5 X 0.5 becomes 5 X 1, so you get 2 FREE attacks, since you spend 6AP with enrage and onslaught.) And that's not even counting the crit multiplier... which gives you another extra attack per 20 % crit multiplier.

                      • Anonymous

                        03 Oct 2017 11:33  

                        Ya, idk.
                        No clue what they were thinking.
                        2 SP for 50% damage bonus on 1 attack?
                        (1 Attack 2 AP 100% damage / 2 Attacks 4 AP 200% damage)
                        (So it's literally 50% of 1 attack for 2 SP. . . and you can't even choose different targets.)

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