Paladin Bridgehead is a sub-area of Reaper's Coast in Divinity Original Sin: 2.  Please see Walkthrough and/or Locations for other areas.


Paladin Bridgehead 

Notes & Tips

Rewards for completing the following quests:

  • A Danger to Herself and Others
    • 5800XP for persuading the healer to let you into his home.
    • 10775XP for killing each Natalie emotion and Natalie herself, for a total of 53,875XP if you decide to go for the "Kill her" route.
    • 10775XP for killing each Natalie emotion (2700 in Definitive) and 13450XP for curing Natalie, for a total of 56,550XP if you go for the "Cure her" route.
    • Gregorius Swann will be available as a healer and trader, along with +50 Attitude and an Epic reward of your choice if you successfully manage to cure her.
  • Dark Dealings in the Blackpits
    • 153,400XP total for killing Reimond, Vorrh, 2 Silent Monks, and 2 Source hounds in the harbor fight.
    • 18,700 Exploration XP upon entering the temple of the Eternals past the crumbling wall.
    • 31,150XP for killing the Eternal. Her stalkers are worth 5200XP each.
    • Sending word to Paladin Thom with a war owl will net you 18,700XP.
    • 57,800XP total for killing all 6 Shadowcloaks in the ambush.
    • 11,225XP and some gold upon completion of the quest.




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    • Anonymous

      Only thom, cork, and josslan survive the ambush in the "Dark dealings in the black pits" quest, so you can kill all the other one for xp.

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