Paladin Thom Hardwin


Paladin Thom Hardwin is a NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.



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Notes and Tips

  • Before talking to Paladin Thom Hardwin use Spirit Vision, and talk to the Spirit of Lawre Godfray near the dead bodies. Once you initiate dialogue with her finish the second lyric of the song. After doing so, talk to her again, and she will sing the rest of the song. If you go to initiate dialogue with Paladin Thom Hardwin afterwards. You can ask for the 1000g payment without having to doing a persuasion check by selecting the first option. (Which is a lyric of the song).
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    • Anonymous

      07 Feb 2019 19:27  

      The backpack contains the Key of the Exiled Couple. The Key opens a buried chest you likely will find by chance. The chest is on a stone outcropping near the Harbinger of Doom. The Harbinger is found in the northeast corner of Reaper's Coast. There is no explanation in the game of why these lovers hid this chest in such a remote area. Once you find the chest and return to the Lovers, they do not acknowledge that you took their key or found their chest.

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