Paladin de Blanchefort


Paladin de Blanchefort is a NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.



Paladin de Blanchefort information

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Paladin de Blanchefort location

  • Paladin de Blanchefort first appears at the entrance to Magister's Prison.
  • If you cast Spirit Vision you will see a magister's spirit is torturing her. You can either pass a spell check to make him stop (Persuasion Needed: 4), or just use Source Vampirism to make him go away.
  • Once her wound has healed, the Paladin will give you a Giant Masterwork Rune for your trouble. Her attitude towards your party will also increase by 25.



Notes and Tips

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    • Anonymous

      23 Jan 2018 19:46  

      When speaking to the magister ghost, use the dialog option to consume his source. After that paladin de blanchefort will thank you and give you a giant masterwork rune as reward.

      • Anonymous

        18 Jan 2018 20:56  

        i swear i got a reward from her the first time i played through, but i can't seem to recreate it.... i gave her a potion, blessed her, did restoration before turning spirit vision on and noticing the magister and telling him to bugger off...

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