Papa Thrash

Papa Thrash

Papa Thrash is an NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.



Papa Thrash information

  • Papa Thrash is located in the back left-hand corner (Left of the bar) of the Black Bull Tavern Driftwood, just before the stairs leading to the lower level.  

  • He can be persuaded, or bribed, to let you in to the Undertavern below the Black Bull tavern.
  • You can choose to fight him, once his health gets below a certain amount he will stop the fight and let you pass.
  • He sells Scoundrel Skill Books.

 Papa Thrash Building


Papa Thrash location

  • Papa Thrash first appears in Driftwood at Reaper's Coast
  • Location x:296 y:159



Notes and Tips

  • Be careful about talking to him more than twice without a method to pass him such as the password from Ifan. Papa Thrash would attack you meaning you risk losing one of the easiest ways to obtain scoundrel skill books.
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