Past Mistakes

Location The Arx
Suggested Level 19
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Past Mistakes is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. A powerful sourcerer is being held captive, but it may not be long before he escapes his prison. Will you be able to stop him before he does?



Important NPCs

  • Karon



Past Mistakes Objectives

  1. Defeat Karon, the Mistake.



Past Mistakes Walkthrough

The Mistake is held as a prisoner in a Magister prison, and you can reach there through the sewers.

However, first, cast Spirit Vision in the Magister's Barracks and speak to Wainslow as shown in the picture below. Agree to help him find Bannet, and find Bannet's corpse near the sewer, shown in the second picture. Cast Spirit Vision again and speak to Bannet's spirit, then enter the sewer.

Head onwards and you will see his cage below. There is a locked iron grate here which you can use to get to where he is, but you'll still have to teleport down. When you reach the boy's cage, cast Spirit Vision and you will see dead Seekers trying to seal the Mistake forever. You can leave them be or break the boy's cage, but if you break his cage, be prepared for a fight.

In order to break his cage, you will need to light the 5 torches. The seekers will actively blow out the fire if you try to light the torches, so a spell like Fireball may be required. In any case, once all 5 torches have been lit, he will be free and transform into a powerful Godwoken mage. After a brief conversation, he will attack you, along with 4 other undead minions. Make him realize his mistake. Note that he can resurrect his undead minions if they die, and perform source vampirism on your characters to steal their source. The undead minions give no XP when killed, but killing Karon will give 188,650XP. Once he is killed, you will receive another 96,950XP and the quest will be complete. You can cast Spirit Vision at this point and talk to his spirit to find out why he's so bitter in the first place, if you so choose.

Note that if you leave the area without killing the mistake, later when you revisit the place, you will find that he's already escaped, thanks to the foolishness of the Paladins. You can still light the braziers to summon and fight him though, but this time, you won't be facing any of his minions. Killing him will grant the same XP as above.





  • 188,650XP for killing Karon.
  • 96,950XP upon completion of this quest.

    • Anonymous

      02 Dec 2018 17:53  

      DE: If you leave to ask Gareth about The Mistake, you'll get a quest update that you left Karon in the sewers and Gareth will have a confusing (as in oddly written) comment about him. If you leave at least one party member with Karon and try to speak to Gareth, he'll have no option to ask him anything about Karon though.

      • Anonymous

        01 Nov 2018 14:05  

        If you let him escape you fill wind him in Lucian's tomb. After defeating him you can talk to his spirit and persuade it to find peace. When you do so it says Karon givey you a gift but I didn't receive anything. Probably a skill that my character already knows.

        • Anonymous

          19 Oct 2018 12:22  

          I found a way to make this fight an absolute cake walk. Have a character use teleport on the bones of each of the four undead minions, transporting them one by one up to the room above, where there's a cage that closes itself upon entering it (the cage also contains a chest with a note saying "haha, gotcha"). I teleported all of their bones into the closed cage, stacked some wooden boxes in front of it to hinder any sort of vision, and finally placed the nearby chest in the middle of the entrance to the cage-room. Kill Karon, the undead minions won't be able to move or do anything of value - as soon as Karon is dead you can go up to the cage and finish the other four off and grab a sweet crossbow.

          • Anonymous

            09 Oct 2018 22:05  

            So I explored the area before talking to him, found a secret door by a workbench (one room away) came back and he was gone, a broken source collar on the ground, blood all over everything. Lighting the fires does nothing. There's one ghost yelling about "a mistake" with no real dialogue options apart from leave or consume.

            • Anonymous

              22 Sep 2018 19:48  

              Using the [Villain] dialogue option resulting in him saying he will meet me in the tomb under the sewers to help kill a certain guy that's talked about a lot in this game.

              • Anonymous

                16 Sep 2018 04:41  

                DO NOT LEAVE WITHOUT FIGHTING KARON! I'm having an issue where I left Karon in the cage and came back later. In classic this would give you the journal entry that the foolish Paladins must have released him. You would encounter him at X:210 Y:290(courtyard outside Kemm's Mansion) where he is massacreing citizens or summon him on the spot with the braziers. My issue is that in DE he no longer spawns there and lighting the braziers to summon him does nothing. Look everywhere on the map and nothing, he doesn't show up anywhere.

                • Anonymous

                  13 Sep 2018 23:39  

                  I don't see anyone commenting about the fact that you can talk to him and work with him? Is this new to DE or just a bad idea all around?

                  • Anonymous

                    12 Sep 2018 09:44  

                    New bug in Definitive Edition.... freed him, lost the fight, reloaded auto save. he spawned without any armour and 2k hp... dropped like a fly

                    • Anonymous

                      29 Jun 2018 23:53  

                      I killed Karon and his minions immediately and finished his quest ages ago but I just came across his dead body in the middle of the street in front of the Lord Kemm's Manor. No hostiles, just his dead body sitting facedown in the middle of the street. A little odd honestly.

                      • Anonymous

                        09 Jun 2018 10:22  

                        If you leave the room to return to him escaped, but decide to summon him with the candles, his minions will wait for you outside Kemm's estate. I killed him solo in the sewers and as I was casually strolling in the city I got attacked by 4 named undeads: "Saeva The many Faced" "Urrha the Snake Charmer" "Kajun Frozenhearth" mentioned below and "Sahun Woundbinder".

                        • Anonymous

                          Past Mistakes [Divinity OS 2 Wiki]27 Mar 2018 05:31  

                          Yeah, my way is simpler. Simply put a death fog barrel or crate on the middle of the pentagram (you did collect them all and send them to the storage chest on the ship right?). Fireball on the braziers to free him into the pentagram and pop the deathfog and he dies instantly. Whirlwind away the deathfog and loot his corpse.

                          • Anonymous

                            24 Mar 2018 18:07  

                            If you leave and come back later to the bloodbath, summon and kill him. Later his minions will just attack you in the streets of Arx, its very strange, maybe Karon is supposed to be with them if you didnt summon him back to the sewers after leaving.

                            • Anonymous

                              05 Nov 2017 22:09  

                              Funny thing is, if you release him then burst him down and run from the minions, the next time you go to Arx (neat Kemm's mansion) he will spawn there with his minions and attack you, except... he will be a corpse. Pretty good way to loot the corpse if you had to run before you could do so.

                              • Anonymous

                                05 Nov 2017 03:58  

                                You can use Source Vampirism on him whiles he's in the cage to release him, he will comment about how you attacked a child.

                                • Anonymous

                                  27 Oct 2017 06:50  

                                  You get a level 19 Unique Crossbow 'Vord Emver' on one of his minions "Kajun Frozenheart", as is the case with other unique items, stats are better than Divine quality crossbow, grants skill cryotherapy. If you have a ranger(I had one) in the party, it is worth the trouble to fight him along with his minions.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    22 Oct 2017 09:52  

                                    I choose not freeing him. Then came back to the cage room and saw he escaped. I met him in Arx, though, along his minions. Some people on the net saying he a hard nut to crack, but what happened was: one of the minions fried a couple of citizens, then I CC and nuked all of them without receiving a single scratch. Not sure if the fight is intended to be SO easier , when fought in Arx, instead of the sewers. Just curious.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      19 Oct 2017 07:14  

                                      This quest feels shoehorned in. Reusing old spirits and introducing a quickie backstory that comes from out of nowhere with no previous mention.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        14 Oct 2017 04:28  

                                        Legit just out a dethfog crate on the summoning thing then shoot a fireball to light them and break the crate at the same time EZ

                                        • Anonymous

                                          13 Oct 2017 23:34  

                                          I found two ways to cheese this fight. The first circumvents all combat, the other makes it much simpler. Go all the way to the boarded door. Light the pyres by way of an explosive toy. Teleport the child near you. Kill him without resistance, reap xp for quest completion. No risk whatsoever. If you do want to fight him, break the boards on the door, engage him in dialogue with one char, teleport him behind the door and shut it on him. Finish the dialogue, he will miss his first turn. Then nuke and cc him to death, then finish off his four weaker assistants. Both ways allow this to be done much simpler.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            09 Oct 2017 14:52  

                                            quest is bugged as hell. left the room without freeing him and then went back into the room. journal updated saying he escaped. Then i lit the plate/torch things anyway and he just appeared saying "thanks for freeing me idiot" and then i killed him. quest complete. ok.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              06 Oct 2017 21:28  

                                              Having trouble getting into the room where the boy in the cage is. apparently i need a key and have no idea where to look. Lockpicking not high enough to get in either.

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