Past Mistakes

Karon in cage
Location The Arx - Sewers
Suggested Level 19
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Past Mistakes is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. A powerful sourcerer is being held captive, but it may not be long before he escapes his prison. Will you be able to stop him before he does?



Important NPCs

  • Karon



Past Mistakes Objectives

  1. Defeat Karon, the Mistake.



Past Mistakes Walkthrough

The Mistake is held as a prisoner in a Magister prison, and you can reach there through the sewers.

The easiest and fastest way into the sewers is to follow the dead Magisters. First, cast Spirit Vision in the Magister's Barracks and speak to Wainslow as shown in the picture below. Agree to help him find Bannet, and find Bannet's corpse near the sewer, shown in the second picture. Cast Spirit Vision again and speak to Bannet's spirit, then enter the sewer (NOTE : The book "Report Of The Toyseller" may be found on Brannt's body instead of on the desk in the 2nd secret room under the Barrack's kitchen).

Head to the south and you will soon see his cage as in the picture below. There is a locked iron grate here which you can use to get to where he is, but you'll still have to teleport down. When you reach the boy's cage, cast Spirit Vision and you will see dead Seekers trying to seal the Mistake forever. You can leave them be or break the boy's cage, but if you break his cage, be prepared for a hard fight.

Karon the Mistake in cage

In order to break his cage, you will need to light the 5 brasiers. The seekers will actively blow out the fire if you try to light the brasiers, so a spell like Fireball may be required. (You can also use lock-picks, or teleports or some other tricks.)

Spirits of Seekers guarding the mistake

In any case, once all 5 braziers have been lit, he will be free and transform into a powerful Godwoken mage. Another way to free him is to use Source Vampirism on him. He will break free and remark on how you attacked a child. After a brief conversation, he will attack you, along with 4 other undead minions. Make him realize his mistake. Note that he can resurrect his undead minions if they die, and perform source vampirism on your characters to steal their source. The undead minions give no XP when killed, but killing Karon will give 188,650XP. Once he is killed, you will receive another 96,950XP and the quest will be complete. You can cast Spirit Vision at this point and talk to his spirit to find out why he's so bitter in the first place, if you so choose. 

Note that if you leave the area without killing the mistake, later when you revisit the place, you will find that he's already escaped, thanks to the foolishness of the Paladins. You can still light the braziers to summon and fight him though, but this time, you won't be facing any of his minions. Killing him will grant the same XP as above. You could also travel to Linder Kemm's mansion to find him slaughtering citizens. (NOTE: If you use the waypoint to Kemm's gardens, you will not initiate this fight. You must enter through town.)

Loot the Level 19 crossbow Vord Emver on one of his minions.

Update: In the Definite Edition, Karon appears right after you pass the Path of Blood instead. However, at that point, you should generally be strong enough to defeat him without much issues.





  • 188,650XP for killing Karon.
  • 96,950XP upon completion of this quest.

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    • Anonymous

      19 Jun 2021 18:11  

      If you are having a problem with Karon, consider using deathfog. There's plenty of deathfog stash in the sewers, just break one next to Karon. The Mistake is actually him not being undead. The only problem is that you might need Tornado skill or steam to remove the deathfog.

      • Anonymous

        30 Mar 2021 18:41  

        I teleported all the bodies to the center of the room and then moved my aerothurge far out of the room. I triggered the fight and cast thunderstorm from a distance. The aerothurge didn't trigger the fight for some reason, the whole storm went through and killed all of Karon's minions.

        • Anonymous

          27 Mar 2021 20:50  

          If you leave him in the cage, you can later encounter him in Lucian's tomb. After killing him there, cast spirit vision, pass persuation check and he will give the character that talked to him an additional talent point.

          • Anonymous

            15 Mar 2021 03:56  

            Talk to Gareth to get reward when you killed Karon.

            DE: I have a bug in sewer fight, at the start of the battle, system will autosave and then I loaded the autosave, Karon become unarmored and didn't cast his powerful spells

            • Anonymous

              13 Feb 2021 13:12  

              Of you don't fight him where he spawns, but fight him later some place else, does anybody know if you can get the nice unique crossbow still?
              It's mentioned that this crossbow is loot from one of his minions and aparently he fights alone in the second place, so no minions.

              • Anonymous

                10 Jan 2021 15:30  

                By far one of the worst fights in the entire game, his minions spam charmed arrows / potions on top of casting dominate mind every single turn. To add insult to injury you can't use items held by a dominated characters.

                What on earth were they thinking with this bs

                • Anonymous

                  27 Dec 2020 05:25  

                  If you have dagger assassin out of combat and let tank take all the dmg till its tanks turn, assassin can oneshot Karon with Mortal blow. I have lvl 18 party in hard difficulty. I have to say it was really anticlimactic fight.

                  • Anonymous

                    10 Dec 2020 22:44  

                    Definitive edition: first time he started with apotheosys, cast three top spell instakilling two of mine, than the charmer charmed a third which instakilled my fourth character, just to be himself easily dispatched when the charm weared off. I got no chance to move at all.
                    Second time he cast just two average spell and I easily won the battle in two turns.
                    That's so random and annoying!

                    • Anonymous

                      27 Nov 2020 17:39  

                      to make the fight easier, after and while he shows his true form i simply just teleported the dead bodies in the cages(after lock picking them) to a further location or the area a little behind the original cage he was in with a character out of dialogue...fight was much easier..even though you'd still have to deal with the others after you defeat him.

                      • Anonymous

                        14 Oct 2020 01:26  

                        Stupid fight. Karon is not the problem but the 4 minions are. They spam charm arrows and bombs. Min. 2 of your party will perma charmed the whole fight. Not to forget the perma disease an cursed the whole party. One of the most annoying fight in this game. And the best: you get 0 XP if yu kill them. 0 !

                        • Anonymous

                          25 Sep 2020 04:24  

                          I lockpicked his cage and killed him in child form and then his corpse just stood in the middle of circle and all the seekers vanished weird lol

                          • Anonymous

                            12 Sep 2020 23:58  

                            I killed him and all his minions in prison but then I found his remains near Linder Kemm's mansion. That is probably a bug.

                            • Anonymous

                              08 Aug 2020 10:47  

                              Lol, i casted Flaming crescendo on Karon when he was in child form to prepare fighting him but then when i striked him, he got out of the cage, transform into the his original form with armors and increased health, then died instantly from Flaming crescendo.

                              • Anonymous

                                02 Jul 2020 02:45  

                                Anyone else have the damn game crash on them during the fight in Lucian's tomb? I was down to my last enemy and the game just went kaput, when the only other crash I'd experienced was the "wedding cake" crash that's well-documented. Super annoying!

                                • Anonymous

                                  09 May 2020 05:54  

                                  i lit the torches and freed him. he didn't fight me. he said he'll meet me under lucian's tomb; then he's gone. i guess the update has changed the game.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    04 Apr 2020 05:50  

                                    If you fight him, one of his minions drops Vord Emver crossbow. Plus some XP. So this vs. 1 talent point (if you fight him later)?

                                    • Anonymous

                                      29 Mar 2020 16:51  

                                      Not sure why NO1 has mentioned any of this. But to find Karon again IF YOU HAVE RELEASED HIM AND LET HIM GO, you must get past the blood trial thing in the Cathedral. Once you pass that (must complete a series of quest in order to do so) then you will open a hatch in the cathedral. Once you go down the hatch and walk through the steel gates and just when you get to the bottom of the step, Karon will appear and have some dialog with you. I was looking around for this for a while not knowing that it was actually supposed to happen at the near end. wanted to share with everyone else so they werent wasting their time looking around for where to find him.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        22 Feb 2020 22:25  

                                        Lol i had bug when i reload the autosave that take me to start of the combat Karon had no armor at all, making the fight easier.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          11 Nov 2019 17:24  

                                          In my play through I turned him into a chicken while he was still a boy in the cage and he teleported out as an adult then switched back to a child. I agreed to meet him in the tomb and he showed up as a child. It made for an incredibly easy fight as he had no armor or MR. I bursted him in one turn.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            31 Jul 2019 05:55  

                                            In DE edition, you can consume the main spirit's source, which will in turn make the other spirits disappear so you can easily light the torches

                                            • Anonymous

                                              06 Jul 2019 07:12  

                                              Definitive Edition: Let him leave the sewer ritual area where you first meet him, he meets up with you in the area underneath the cathedral in Arx after you gain access past the blood-filled place. After killing him, talking to his soul, and passing a persuasion check, he gives you a Talent point.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                02 Jun 2019 02:00  

                                                Using chicken claw while Karon is still in the cage bugs him, so he turns into the mage and turns back into child form and non-hostile. You can then easily whack away until he's dead. You still get the XP from killing him.

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