Bartering determines your haggling skills with traders. More so than Charisma and/or Reputation.
  • Each point makes items 10% cheaper to buy, or 10% more profitable to sell.
  • Bonuses can be found on Boots and Amulets.
  • Gains +1 from the Egotistical Trait.


Charisma determines the first impression you make on other people and your talent for Charming, Intimidating and Reasoning.
  • Each point increases attitude towards you by 5, reduces the cost of trading with merchants and influences your skill in Intimidate, Charm or Reason within the Rock Paper Scissors minigame.
  • Bonuses can be obtained from crafted Rings (tooth), Amulets (tooth), and Belts (tooth).
  • Gains +2 Charisma (and -1 Intelligence) from the Politician talent; +1 from the Considerate trait (no Intelligence penalty).


Leadership will give boosts to party members and friends that can see you.
  • Each point provides bonuses to every nearby party member and allied NPC (including summons) in range EXCEPT the person with this skill.
  • Bonuses include +5–10 Initiative, +10%–15% Damage, +10% Chance to Hit, +2% Critical Chance, +10% Armour, Fear Immunity, +1 Willpower and +1 Bodybuilding.
  • Bonuses can be found on Helmets, Weapons and the Righteous trait.
  • Leadership is best put on 2 party members - probably the main characters - due to its plethora of always-on spiffy bonuses.

Lucky Charm

Lucky Charm determines your luck in finding extra treasure and improves your Offence Rating.
  • Each point increases your chance to find extra loot and also the quality of the loot from chests and containers.
  • Each point increases your Offence Rating by 3.
  • Bonuses can be found on Boots and Shields and Crafted dagger.
  • Gains +1 from the Romantic trait.

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