Physical Armor

physical armour icon
Physical Armour absorbs physical damage.
+7% Physical Armour.
+2% Physical Armour since level 2.

Physical Armor is an Attribute in Divinity Orginal Sin 2. These statistics are determined by your character’s base statistics. They can be affected by skills, stances, statuses, gear, abilities, and talents.



Physical Armor Information

Physical Armour is one of the two armors used in the Divinity : Original Sin II. Physical Armour is used to resist/block Physical based attacks and skills. As it absorbs a percentage of the damage there are still some damage the directly attacks vitality. When the Physical Armour is exhausted all Physical based attacks and skills will directly hit vitality. 



Statuses That Are Resisted By Physical Armour



Physical Armor Notes

  • As long as Physical Armour is above 0, you are immune to physical statuses like Bleeding and Knocked Down
  • +7% Physical Armour.
  • +2% Physical Armour since level 2.


Extended Statistics
Accuracy  ♦  Air Resistance  ♦  Damage  ♦  Dodging  ♦  Earth Resistance  ♦  Experience  ♦  Fire Resistance  ♦  Initiative  ♦  Magical Armour  ♦  Movement  ♦  Poison Resistance  ♦  Water Resistance

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