Planar Gateway

Planar GatewaySP2

Conjure two linked gateways that allow any character to instantly travel between them.

 Requires Summoning 3cldwn6
 Cost 2 Memory
 Duration 10 turn(s)
 Range 13m

summoning-skill Summoning

Planar Gateway is a Summoning Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.



Planar Gateway Spell Book Location

  • Trader Bree in Driftwood Square
  • Hannag in Cloisterwood



Planar Gateway Requirements



Notes and Tips



Summoning Skills
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    • Anonymous

      This skill is amazing for my pure physical damage group. I run a full support build character that stacks summoning with glass cannon and high wits to get first turn. The first thing I pop is Apotheosis making this skill completely free. (not to mention with adrenaline and flesh sacrifice I have a fully buffed summon and still have AP to pop evasive aura, or undo any **** debuff that was put on my ranger, all in my first move) When your mele is way out of range this is a great gap closer.

      • Anonymous

        Instead of getting this skill - consider using the Pyramid. It also takes 6 AP, but can teleport the rest of your team (if you are linked), to your other pyramid (thrown somewhere) or other character. No Source needed and doesnt cost any more actions.

        • Anonymous

          I used this with the ranger build and both me and my Summon go through when I want to go with just me, really messes up my positioning

          • Anonymous

            It's in my opinion the most useless spell one can find in this game, in all these strategies i would use it's a no go, especially bc of the 6 ap cost, at no cost it's ok i guess (for a hit and run tactic) but still other movement skills are better...

            • Anonymous

              Kinda useless overall. Incombat you have to have 6 AP to even use the portals. Not to mention there is already alot more useful mobility skills to choose from. Also you have pyramids and aero´s teleport / nether swap for noncombat stuff.

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