Popularity Contest

Location Ryker's Rest
Suggested Level Any

Popularity Contest is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Dot and Cottontail want you to settle which of them was more loved by their recently deceased master.



Important NPCs

  • Cottontail
  • Dot



Popularity Contest Objectives

  1. Find Dot and Cottontail upstairs at Ryker's rest.
  2. Help them settle their argument.


Popularity Contest Walkthrough

Possible Bug: Currently, talking to them won't initiate the quest and create a journal entry. Luckily, you will still receive the experience and the respective reward. It's uncertain whether this is a bug or was intentionally removed to become an ordinary event.

Ryker's Rest upstairs, you will find two pets, Dot and Cottontail, arguing with each other over who their deceased master loved more. To enter this room, you must steal the painting right outside the door, which will drop a key that unlocks it. To quickly turn away the servants' attention, simply go behind them and engage in a conversation with them. They will turn around and not turn back to look at you stealing.

Both Dot and Cottontail will want you to side with them and convince the other that they are the one more loved. If you have high Persuasion, this quest can be solved with a simple dialogue check for either option. If you do not have high Persuasion, look for Dot's collar in the basement of Ryker's Rest or pick up Cottontail's toy ball right beside her to convince them instead (picking up the ball won't count as stealing, even though it shows as red).

You will need Dot's collar if you want to side with the cat, or Cottontail's ball if you want to side with the dog. Warning: If you try to tell them that their master loves both of them, nothing will happen and you will be unable to progress with the quest unless you have another character with Pet Pal start the conversation over again.

Note: Don't bother siding with Dot. The hatch he reveals will be considered sneaking in, which is near impossible with Ryker at his desk. Also, if you simply talk to Ryker and accept his quest and then leave the area, he'll give you access to the hatch anyway, making this completely pointless. Take the Diamond instead.

Choice Reward
Siding with Cottontail (Cat) Diamond dropped near the bathtub
Siding with Dot (Dog) Hidden hatch revealed under a carpet near Ryker downstairs (considered sneaking)
Telling them they're both loved Nothing at all

    • Anonymous

      20 Nov 2018 02:04  

      Definitive: Found the collar way earlier, never sold it. After killing Ryker I started the quest with them, which shows up in the log. One of my characters spotted the diamond by the bathtub on their own (high Wits, I assume, his were at 18). Picking up the ball updated the quest and reading the log shows I have both the collar and ball. I assume this is for low Wits characters to be able to find the hatch if they've killed Ryker before he ever enters his cellar, since the rewards are otherwise not useful.

      • Anonymous

        06 Feb 2018 14:12  

        If you kill the cat you get 125xp, but t dog doesn't grant you anything (maybe it was because I picked the cat as the favourite?)

        • Anonymous

          06 Feb 2018 05:10  

          ***** the snob cat ^^ You can take the Diamond with the skill "Apportation" I wish i could take them to the boat.

          • Anonymous

            10 Oct 2017 21:17  

            i got inside rykers mansion through the basement, found the collar, didnt knew it was part of a quest so i sold it. Now i talk to Dot and Cottontail and the quest wont pop up on my journal and grabbing cottontail toy ball does nothing ( i cant even use it in a conversation to finish the quest) and my companion with Pet Pal has very low persuasion so i cant even see if i get anything from a persuasion check.

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