Prudence is a NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.



Prudence information

  • Mother of Kniles, the torturer from Fort Joy
  • ??



Prudence location

  • Prudence first appears in Driftwood at Reaper's Coast



Notes and Tips

  • If you say you knew her son, a persuasian check will have her give you the key to Knile's room upstairs to loot.
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    • Anonymous

      05 Aug 2018 01:25  

      To get the key without killing her, you need to NOT tell her how divious her son was. Just tell her you knew him and have persuasion to at least 3 to get the key. Notes: If you had a female character when you spoke to Kniles you might recall a very divious character towards women especially. You learn a little more why in the dialogue with Prudence as she tells you she force him to chastity.

      • Anonymous

        11 May 2018 04:38  

        I think this one is bugged. I got the dialog that she was giving me the key but it didn't show up and the only door upstairs that needs a key won't open.

        • Anonymous

          05 Nov 2017 09:38  

          How do I get Kniles' key? I've tried all the available dialog options, and my characters keep ignoring every mention of Kniles. Even if I tell her I come from Fort Joy, the only options is to either insult her for raising a Magister, or change the subject.

          Do you have to leave Kniles alive to have the option available?

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