Consume a corpse to gain a Source Point, or steal a Source Point from a living character.

 0 Memory slots (Item Skill)

Set Drain.







Purge is a Sourcery Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.


Purge Spell Book Location

  • Purge is an item skill, obtainable from Purging Wands or Tyrant's Helm.


Notes and Tips

  • Range: 15.5m. Target: Corpses, spirits, characters with Source Points, Shriekers.
  • Purging Wands have four charges. Speak with Gratiana to restore them. Once past the first act, there will be no means to recharge them, though more wands are available when players step foot in the Nameless Isle.
  • Casting the Purge spell obtained from the Tyrant's Helm three times will cause an unavoidable conflict with a demon. Once it is defeated, the skill will be replaced with Shackles of Pain.
  • Though they both have the same purpose, you can have both Purge and Source Vampirism.
  • Purge has double than Source Vampirism's cast range, and can easily contend with any Shrieker.



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    • Anonymous

      It bears noting that the enemies in the battle on the Lady Vengeance against Dallis' minions are marked as "Invalid Target" when you attempt to target them with Purge. It seems that there is no way to use Purge to functionally exterminate Dallis' attackers. (If you managed to pluck 2 Death Fog barrels from the Merryweather with Level 2 of Telekinesis, however, it seems safe to assume THAT would work. Just be careful not to kill Gareth in the process.)

      • Anonymous

        I seriously need a *****ing mod that does a purge AOE because the shriekers are invisible and I can't lock on to them so I have to always teleport. I don't know what to do. It's driving me nuts.

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