Radeka the Witch

Witch's Location

Radeka the Witch is an NPC in Divinity: Original Sin II.
She is a former lover of Slane the Winter Dragon who can be found near her cave and a collector of Blood Rose.



Radeka the Witch information

  • Level 6
  • Radeka the Witch is related to quest The Purged Dragon.
  • Radeka the Witch has one Purging Wand, which you can use to kill the Shriekers.



Radeka the Witch location

  • Radeka the Witch first appears in Witch's Location.
  • She summons 2 giant wasps and 3 undead in the fight.



Notes and Tips

  • Instead of fighting the witch you can pickpocket the Blood Rose and the Purging Wand off of her with Thievery 2.
  • You can teleport her to middle of the team and surround her. She is not very good at melee combat.
  • Beware of her Shackles of Pain skill.
  • The dialogue option to hold and kiss her ultimately still leads to the party entering battle. 


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    • Anonymous

      if you get negative attitude with her you can tp to the dragons beach waypoint and she will be neutral so this makes it much easier.

      • Anonymous

        This right is pee easy once you've done it a few times, like most in the game. This is provided that you have decent gear and skills. Lone wolf 2x2 party makes this and all Reapers Eye fights trivial after lvl 5 or so in tactician. No need for painting cheese, teleport cheese, barrel cheese or many other shenanigans unless ye want.

        This is my 3rd run, I'm using Loshe as areo/hydro mage and Fane as Geo/pyro. You might say, why split the schools, you'll cancel each other out. Well it doesn't really matter with lone wolf as most things are dead in 4 turns or less. Plus, you can get persistent damage clouds if you make it rain then electrify them for even more damage. And you also can deal with enemies that are fire poison or water resistant easier. Now for fun, since I died so many times the first time with a 4 man party on tactician, I set the field up with oil around her and her cronies spawn points, buffed Loshe while she was in conversation and then started the fight.

        Naturally fane was on the first ledge to the left already and I used tactical retreat on Loshe to the far left ledge near the witch. Teleport her next to her minions, blood rain, dazing bolt and it removes some armor. Fane goes next, fireball and lights up all the oil, which becomes Necro fire. Teleport the beetle on his side to the middle then pick them all off from there. I also used chain lightening from Loshe just to whittle their health. Your characters should go first before they do if you have wits of 18 or more, which in lone wolf that's easy enough along with gear. If you use the Necro fire all the enemies will have to traverse it taking severe damage to get to you on the ledges. I was level 8 before this fight so ymmv. You can do it sooner but you will need to use the battlefield and maybe prep it first with water or oil or blood or all three, especially on tactician without lone wolf. Be sure and smooch her though, I mean it's like a kiss of death....for her at least and the reactions are always funny.

        • Anonymous

          Took my team of 4 to the farmost top of the Hill on the left (never walked down to her level) Teleported her into middle of team which started combat, kept crippling her and knocking her down so she couldn't do much, she died after 2 turns, spent rest of fight killing her minions. Can easily teleport the undead back down and set fire/set cold on them from afar.

          • Anonymous

            Cheese method - Before triggering the fight, leave 3 of your characters at the top of the hill, place oil on the ground to slow the zombies, and use your fourth character to teleport dead Medat to the small ledge on the left behind the bones. Then trigger the fight by teleporting Radeka to the same small ledge. Now Medat and Radeka are stuck, retreat to the top of the hill, kill the bugs, and take out the zombies with range. Medat and Radeka can be taken out with leisure afterward.

            • Anonymous

              Looks like one of the harder early fights if unprepared - as in already know how to win and have the skills already - story mode + two lone wolf casters (1x areo&hydro & 1x geo&pyro) + best gear & skills I had found / purchased up to finding the cave and ... ended up being prevented from performing any actions - aside from stand there and get hit or opening the main menu - and eventually slaughtered. Expecting there to be much harder fights after that so back to the party planning stage again ... only a matter of time before I find something that's both fun and viable for a novice player.

              • Anonymous

                So my brother is doing a run and killed all the adds before her, and some random lizard appeared and wrecked his whole party, I've never seen him but I usually burst her down first? Anyone know what that's about?

                • Anonymous

                  Encountered her at late level 7, just ran her over with pure power. Had 2 teleports and a summoner + ifan's wolf, she never got the chance to leave my frontline with taunts :D

                  • Anonymous

                    1) place entire team in choke point before flower room 2) 1 char talks to her (pref rogue with the free movement or cloak + dagger skill) - move that char back after engage. 3) Radeka will take high ground immediately (the right-hand high ground) and get stuck. - "im coming for you..." 4) beetles will all fly/tele towards the choke, teleport them one at a time past your front line defense and dispatch 5) keep medat and his zombie bros tied up in the front with your tank who has provoke, summons help 6) after downing all the adds, move entire party up and tele Redaka off her ledge and finish her off. Note: last part, she will immediately dominate mind one of your chars. Be sure to be smart and have at least 1 peace of mind scroll or a pyro with it. Its just a damn good skill overall, no excuses.

                    • Anonymous

                      How did anyone ever keep her in the poison cloud? She gets two turns before any of my characters go and even when slowed she gets out of it on her first turn. It's been insanely frustrating trying to figure this out.

                      • Anonymous

                        My strategy without teleporting her to the poison trap

                        - place two melee with 3+ stuns on the high ground that she will run to when fight begins.

                        - place one range at the opposite high ground just in front where she'll be facing (might need to fly up there with your ranger)

                        - placed a magic user at the other high ground at the right side.

                        - you'll see your characters form a triangle.

                        - when fight begins, ranger and melee work on to land the first knock down on her while the magic user does crowd control to all other mobs.

                        - once she gets knock down, keep knocking her down every time she gets back up with you melee. At this point your ranger can go for other mobs or provide first aid support to anyone in need.

                        - focus on taking her down, the rest of the mobs shouldn't be a problem.
                        - blood sucker on melee will be very helpful here.

                        • Anonymous

                          I seperated her using the teleport strat.

                          - Speak with her with 1 characters then use two other characters with TP to move back all the way back to poison room.

                          - It's unnessary to keep trap engaged because she moves out of it

                          - Once fight starts get all your characters in the poison trap room

                          - Burn the wench down with whatever you got

                          - Now all the carrion beetles and corpses are going to move towards you slowly

                          - I let them funnel in corridor using TP on refresh to move them back

                          - Use a Hydrophist to Rain the ground then cast AOE freezing like Winters Bite to trip up the corpses

                          - I used Shield Toss/Fire Breath on Red Prince to do AOE damage when they were all bunched up

                          Took me two tries but this strategy was the best I used

                          • Anonymous

                            You don't have to fight to kill her. Have two characters with teleport skill. Put the first char at the edge where the steps of going down. Because of the high ground, this char should have the range to teleport Radeka. Teleport her back toward where you came from. Should be able to teleport to where the cart is. Next have the second char stands back with teleport range to this cart. Thus, what you're doing is a teleport relay. The first one teleports Radeka to the cart, and the second teleports her from the cart to the poison trap area. Then go take a coffee break and let the poison kills her and you don't have to lift a finger fighting. Yes, this is boring but I used this time to compose this note on this wiki.

                            • Anonymous

                              Place Fane-Lone-Wolf with some initiative and high finesse in a high area with Shadow's Eye

                              Shoot Twice - Play Dead - End Turn

                              Delay Turn - Shoot Four Times

                              Shoot Twice - Chameleon Cloak - End Turn

                              Delay Turn - Shoot Three Times

                              After that it will be your turn again and honestly by then you should be able to handle everything else as long as you killed the witch during all that.

                              • It's a very easy fight if you know how to play it. Here is how I did it with my composition.

                                Sneak up to the top right platform while facing her with the whole team. Prepare some oil, slowing all zombies trying to come up.
                                I positioned my ranger close to the edge, so he can snipe off the beetles / zombies from the highground (Dont place him to close to the edge or zombies will melee you, if you go with this tactic.).

                                I then teleported the witch between my two melee fighters, who removed her armor pretty quickly (If you have haste, clearmind or other buffs, place them so you can stun her before her turn).

                                Nuke her down fast before she charms or shackels someone. After she is dead, the rest of the fight should be no problem. Also necrofire helps alot once the zombies walked in the oil.

                                • IIRC I didn't have a huge problem reducing her physical armor enough for a single turn. I had a TK character with a metal crate he was carrying around that I used to smash over her head get it down so I could shackles of pain her with a scroll on the character she does that to. Then I followed that up with On The Edge, also from a scroll, and since I was surrounded by undead and standing in cursed blood, so had decay going, I drank a giant health potion. The damage I took was also taken by her and then also taken by me and by her again, due to both shackles spells. The scrolls are like, shadow essence and a giblet for chains, and a skull for the other, IIRC. I don't really recall how much armor she has to be honest.

                                  I really enjoy the "smash a heavy object trick" but I prefer not to do cheese like "fill a metal box with hundreds of barrels of oil and kill everything in the game with it."

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Additionally to the strategy below that is good, before the battles begin, teleport the dead corpse of Medath near you, and use the Purge spell on the dead corpse, this will destroy the corpse and she will not be able to resurrect him during the fight ;)

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Send your tankiest character to aggro her while the rest of your party stands back (but close enough to cast heal/fortify spells). When combat begins, retreat the entire party back the way you came, through the choke point. Do not fight while retreating. Just run and throw heals as needed. Once at the back of the choke point, wait for them to come to you and wreck them with ranged and AOE in the choke. Melee characters should just wait and finish off anything that gets through. Best thing about this strategy is that when I did it,the witch herself got stranded on a ledge, saying "Argh" and "I'm coming for you," but she never came through the choke point or attacked me at all. Once all her minions were dead, it was a simple matter to come back out and finish her off.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        well what you do is stab her with tension skill so when she walks shell die = simple and for rest of the bunch i would suggest moving the crew to area where you entered and then cast some fossil strikes when slowes em down dramatically, rough fight but every fight can be manipulated to be won XD

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Ridiculously tough fight, eventually killed her by having her stand in the posion cloud(teleported her) and waiting for it to kill her which took 3 mins(lol).

                                          Reason this worked is for the trap keeps spitting a new cloud every 4 seconds, resulting in her taking contineous damage whilst not acting in your own turn.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            There's no way to recruit her or something right ? You have to fight her ? Basically no way to talk to her and have her not try to kill you. Or am I missing something ?

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