Create a spreading water surface which douses fires. Set Wet status on characters in the area.

 Set Wet for 1 turn(s).

Requires Hydrosophist 1cldwn6
Costs 1 Memory
 Range 8m

hydrosophist-skills-dos2 Hydrosophist

Rain is a Hydrosophist Skill in Divinity Original Sin 2.


Rain location



Rain effects

  • Scroll crafted by combining Sheet of Paper, Water Essence, and Herring
  • AoE radius 10m
  • 1 turn lifetime
  • Is affected by range bonuses (Far Out Man, Farsight)
  • Does not generate a water surface for the whole of the AoE
  • When using on a water surface, spreads the water surface further


Rain trivia & strategies

  • Reveals invisible characters in the AoE, including allies
  • If a character is chilled and has no magical armour, they become frozen. Also stuns shocked characters. Affects allied characters, too, so use with caution
  • Alternatively make a character wet first, then use a skill or grenade which causes the chilled status, also freezing them (Global Cooling, Winter Blast, frost grenade etc.)
  • Can be turned to oil with Turn to Oil. Slows down targets, and if fire is nearby, deals some damage. Can also cast Rain + Turn to Oil under allied characters to use Oily Carapace or Mass Oily Carapace to regenerate lots of physical armour, although it requires no fire surfaces nearby
  • Similarly, casting Rain under allied characters, using Global Cooling to freeze the surface, then using Cryotherapy or Mass Cryotherapy restores most likely all magical armour
  • Wet status goes through armours, and as it reduces air resistances, can be used along with Aerotheurge skills to deal additional damage. Be wary of unintended shocks and stuns for allied characters, though

Rain builds


Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds: Radiant Battlemage


Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds: Glacial Guardian


Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds: Tidalist


Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds: Druid


Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds: Frost Paladin




Hydrosophist Skills
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    • Anonymous

      (Torturer / Ruptured Tendons)Rain + Contamination + Ignition = they flee for damage unless flame immune, otherwise leave as poison. Rain + Ignition + Pressure Spike + Global Cooling = 4 points of AoE 3 blasts Rain + Any Electric Spell + Ignite(electric clouds) + Contaminate = Two AoE with the highest non-cursed DoT landscape. Global Cooling(chilled) + Rain(Freeze the subsceptible, water surface) + Any Electric Spell(stunned) = How to really work Enchanter builds. Cold first then rain if you plan on casting shock spells. Rain + Global Cooling + Ice Breaker + Electric Discharge + Ignite + Contamination + Chamelion Cloak = 8 points, glass cannon or lone wolf low resist DPS AoE. Torturer causes an explosion when they're on fire at the end.

      • Anonymous

        Note that "spreading water surface" means that if you cast Rain on a spot and then cast Rain again on that already wet spot, the water surface will widen. It'll even climb stairs. Lots of fun combined with Contamination and Ignition.

        • Anonymous

          I kind of have the idea that it's supposed to work this way but I hate the fact that water, coming from above, only wets the height level you click on...

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