Rallying Cry

Rallying Cry

Target character regenerates Vitality and Magic Armour according to the number of allied characters and totems in their vicinity.

 Restore [50% of total heal value] Vitality and  [18% of total heal value] Magic Armour.

Multiplied by the number of friendly characters in a 6 meter radius around the target.

 Requires Summoning 2cldwn3
 Cost 1 Memory
 Range 13m

summoning-skill Summoning

Rallying Cry is a Summoning Skill in Divinity Orginal Sin 2.



Rallying Cry Spell Book Location



Rallying Cry Requirements



Notes and Tips

  • Scroll can be crafted by combining a Sheet of Paper, Tormented Soul, and Garlic
  • If undead enemies outnumbers you, consider using it to damage them! Consequently, do NOT use this on an undead ally like Fane, it will damage and potentially kill them!



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    • Anonymous

      For whatever reason, testing throughout chapter 1, the healing and restoration from this skill is incredibly low and not usually worth using even in a pinch. It SHOULD scale better with Hydro, but with its current numbers (surrounded by 3 summons and 3 allies), its "max" seems too low for the memory slot.

      • Anonymous

        I'm not noticing any increase in vitality and magical armour restored when there are totems in range of the skill :|

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