Rattus Perfidus


Rattus Perfidus is a NPC (rat) in Divinity: Original Sin 2. Just like Rattus Verus, he is under a curse, but his curse is that he can only speak lies. He asks the player not to help him lift his curse.



Rattus Perfidus information

  • Almost every spell casted on him will kill him, although a glancing blow from a staff blast seems to work.
  • When you talk to him again after agreeing to "heal him", he will say "You still don't look lost." Then you ask if he's still being sarcastic which he replies " Narrator - *He looks at you as if to say 'well, duh'." This is the only known difference in the encounter. We can consider this rat is permanently lying or being sarcastic, therefore when he says "I don't think the problem is in my head", this would mean his problem is in fact a mental one.

  • When he does die from your doing, A Character will say something along the lines of " I think thats what he wanted all along." 
  • There is no method of actually curing this rat. Code mining reveals that he is scripted to die with no other solutions available. It was possibly designed to convince you to waste a Source Point by casting Bless, since up to now it has been used to cure other curses.
  • This rat is a separate NPC from the rat outside in the maze, who can be cured, though you do not need Bless to help that rat either.
  • Once being "glanced with a magic spell the dialogue changes to "my aren't you good looking" followed by "...im lying" as now he can do both. He bounces with joy and... nothing.



Rattus Perfidus location



Notes and Tips

  • Upon killing him, one of the character will remark that death was probably what he wanted.
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    • Anonymous

      I cast Rain on the ground, throw a thunderbolt grenade near him, the rat is shocked and survived, but then he only says that we do not seem lost, and that´s it... Tested BLESS but it will kill the poor ironic rat

      • Anonymous

        You can toss thunderbolt grenades at them. The grenades inflict 21-27 damage which is less than their health pool so the rats won't die. I was successful in healing the rat that lies but the sarcastic rat dies if you try to heal it. I didn't get xp or reward for fixing their minds other than story lines.

        • Anonymous

          I was successful in keeping the rat alive by casting rain, and then casting Electric Discharge near it on the standing water.

          • Anonymous

            I was able to use staff of magus from an improvised staff with one of my non magic users, and he survived!

            • Anonymous

              Used the teleport gloves on Rattus Verus, injured him, but he lived. Got nothing, just like he said he really can't offer you anything.

              • Anonymous

                Can some user take out the whiny part about some player being confused? It doesn't add anything helpful.

                • Anonymous

                  For any of those still in doubt, a steam user pulled the codes for the rats and it seemed this one is supposed to die. I've pasted the code below, basically, if skill used on lying rat trigger death and voice line. If skill used on truthful rat set flags ([resumably to respond he's been cured) for rat and have him wander about.

                  //REGION Rat in maze
                  CharacterUsedSkillOnTarget(_Player, CHARACTERGUID_S_FTJ_SW_MazeInsideRat_4d27841e-cbe7-4240-b7d7-b40ce922665a, _, _)
                  CharacterDie(CHARACTERGUID_S_FTJ_SW_MazeInsideRat_4d27841e-cbe7-4240-b7d7-b40ce922665a, 0, "DoT");
                  ProcObjectTimer(_Player, "FTJ_SW_InsideRatDied", 4000);

                  ProcObjectTimerFinished(_Player, "FTJ_SW_InsideRatDied")
                  ObjectGetFlag(_Player, "FTJ_SW_ToldLyingRatYes", 1)
                  StartVoiceBark("FTJ_SW_VB_InsideRatDied", (CHARACTERGUID)_Player);

                  ObjectFlagSet("FTJ_SW_ToldLyingRatYes", _Player, _)
                  CharacterSetReactionPriority(CHARACTERGUID_S_FTJ_SW_MazeInsideRat_4d27841e-cbe7-4240-b7d7-b40ce922665a, "FleeFromPlayer", 0);
                  CharacterSetReactionPriority(CHARACTERGUID_S_FTJ_SW_MazeInsideRat_4d27841e-cbe7-4240-b7d7-b40ce922665a, "WanderAbout", 0);

                  ObjectFlagSet("FTJ_SW_ToldRattusVerrusYes",_Player, _)
                  CharacterSetReactionPriority(CHARACTERGUID_S_FTJ_SW_MazeOutsideRat_a8b53e17-07f1-43fb-832c-93c9ff9fb25d, "FleeFromPlayer", 0);
                  CharacterSetReactionPriority(CHARACTERGUID_S_FTJ_SW_MazeOutsideRat_a8b53e17-07f1-43fb-832c-93c9ff9fb25d, "WanderAbout", 0);

                  CharacterUsedSkillOnTarget(_Player, CHARACTERGUID_S_FTJ_SW_MazeOutsideRat_a8b53e17-07f1-43fb-832c-93c9ff9fb25d, _, _)
                  ObjectSetFlag(_Player, "FTJ_SW_UsedMagicOnRattusVerrus", 0);
                  ObjectSetFlag(CHARACTERGUID_S_FTJ_SW_MazeOutsideRat_a8b53e17-07f1-43fb-832c-93c9ff9fb25d, "FTJ_SW_GotMagic", 0);
                  CharacterSetReactionPriority(CHARACTERGUID_S_FTJ_SW_MazeOutsideRat_a8b53e17-07f1-43fb-832c-93c9ff9fb25d, "FleeFromPlayer", 100);
                  CharacterSetReactionPriority(CHARACTERGUID_S_FTJ_SW_MazeOutsideRat_a8b53e17-07f1-43fb-832c-93c9ff9fb25d, "WanderAbout", 50);

                  • I've done this https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4-tSq-u4CreZmlKYjAyVFVxYXM
                    first I've tried static cloud + bless, but then reloaded and tried simple Bless spell (no any surface, just Bless on the rat) - and it worked too! Perhaps developers fixed it.

                    • Anonymous

                      I tried anything, save-scumming and changing appearance with the disguise hat to see all dialogues and what i come up to is that this rat doesn't tell lies, but he says the opposite of what he want to mean.
                      SPOILERS AHEAD.

                      The explanation that the rat gives you on how to save him is very similar to the Verus counterpart, that is "you have to use a sharp shock of persuasive magic" (any magic) while Perfidus says "a sharp shock of persuasive magic DON'T solve my problem" (or something on the line) and since he tells lies and magic kills him is like saying "my problem is that i want to die and magic will do it". (PLUS: both dialogues end telling you that the rat steels itself for what's coming")

                      So showing this it seems the rat wants to die.

                      What i think is wrong in the dialog (maybe with all this contrary game they wrote it wrong): When you ask if magic would kill it, the narrator says *The rat gives you a long stare that tries - and fails - to say "of course not".* and this should mean that "of course not" -> "magic doesn't kill him" is true because he fails to say it.
                      It's different if this whole lie/truth is about what they WANT to tell you. He wants to tell you that magic doesn't kill him (so you use magic and release him from life) but he cannot succeed on that.

                      The whole situation is clear when you talk with Lohse or an Hero/Villain Tag.
                      Lohse is sure that magic would kill it and the narrator says *The rat gives you a long stare that tries to say "that's not true". It fails. The rat sobs.* again since the rat probably MEAN to tell you that's not true that magic kills him, he cannot succeed on saying that. Then he says he's NOT unhappy, he's NOT desperate for the sweet release of death and he does NOT want to sleep forever in the truth of death.
                      An Hero or a Villain both wish the rat a long and happy life (a villain doesn't care, the hero understands that magic would kill him and he doesn't do this), and the answer is the same "You are NOT a bastard! NOT a bastard at all!" meaning that he really wanted to die.

                      That is veeery confusing.

                      • Anonymous

                        you're suppose to kill the rat. Lohse has the option to state her magic would kill it, and it responds be stating it does NOT want the sweet release of death, then when it dies your companion states it wanted death. you can't cure it, it's just suppose to die.

                        • Anonymous

                          Electric discharge DOES not kill him and works for me. But I don't get XP and attitude is -5. But he can lie again. So win?

                          • Anonymous

                            I can't tell if the people with 'solutions' are trolling. Everything I've tried just straight up murders the thing - does he even have anything to do with the fielded door behind him? or will I find a way in there later?

                            • Anonymous

                              Peace of mind kills him also, every type of buff or healing magic that I have kills him physical attacks do nothing, damaging spells do nothing i'm thinking it's either bugged or every spell/scroll I have is wrong or too powerful.

                              • Anonymous

                                The proposed solutions don't work for me. He is not cured after casting blood rain around him and shocking the puddle underneath (eg shocking arrow or electric discharge). After blood rain, casting bless on the rat kills him. After blood rain, casting bless on the blood doesn't cure him. Anyone have suggestions?

                                • Anonymous

                                  When you shock water or blood underneath his feet then talk to him, he will say "You still don't look lost." Then you ask if he's still being sarcastic which he replies " Narrator - *He looks at you as if to say 'well, duh'."

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