Reactive Armour

geomancer 14 29AP2

Deal 20% physical damage, based on your current Physical Armour  physical armour icon, in a wave of metal spikes to everyone in the area (including yourself).

special divinity original sin 2 Damage is based on your current Physical Armour.

properties divinity original sin2 icon Requires Geomancer 2cldwn6
properties divinity original sin2 icon Costs 1 Memory
properties divinity original sin2 icon Range 3m


geomancer skills s Geomancer

Reactive Armour is a Geomancer Skill in Divinity Original Sin 2.


Reactive Armour Location



Reactive Armour Effects


Reactive Armour Trivia & Strategies

  • This Skill's AP was raised from 1 to 2, cooldown was raised from 5 to 6, and damage reduced to 20% from 50% with Patch:  v3.0.143.148
  • Cast max physical armour boosting skills for maximum effect: Fortify, Bone Cage, Deflective Barrier, Heart of Steel. Even though it was nerfed, it can still deal a good chunk of damage
  • Stoneskin potion and physical armour potions also boost max physical armour
  • Cast Shackles of Pain on a target for them to receive the damage you take from this skill


Reactive Armour Builds


Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds: Juggernaut


Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds: Death Knight





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    • Sadly was nerfed, used to be 1 AP, stacking a metric ton of armor with fortify, shield and Stoneskin potion then using shackles of pain would result in massive damage. Could still be useful, I would have to do some testing, but at 2 AP there is plenty of other spells you could cast that does not require as much setup as this. If you have a dedicated tank geomancy and maybe someone else to move enemies around it could be good.

      If they wanted to fix it they could have given it the 2 AP cost and kept the damage, it was already difficult to setup and the spell requires you to get close which is already suboptimal.

      • Anonymous

        Not a useless skill, but after several nerfs, it became only powerful for those who like to cheese the game (cf posts below). To have an idea of how good it is right now, my cleric (one handed + shield), while unprepared (no skill to boost armor activated) does around 50 damage with reactive armor. For the sake of comparison, her base damage with her one handed weapon (viper tongue) while unprepared (no skill to boost damage activated) does around 65 damage (+10 elemental) with a basic attack. Hence, whirlwind is more powerful than reactive armor damage-wise, but has a shorter range (1.2m vs 3m, which is an important difference). What is more, Reactive Armor benefits from many spells that boost physical armor, while whirlwind does not have as many options to boost its efficiency, making Reactive Armor's damage potential better. But Reactive Armor damages yourself on top while whirlwind doesn't. Reactive Armor needs many spells and a lenghy set-up to fully display its potential. And its cooldown is 6 turns, meaning you will probably use it only once by battle in most cases. Whirlwind is 4 turns and i tend to use it twice. So, is Reactive Armor worth a memory slot as of now?

        The answer to this question is, in my opinion, relative to how much you like to cheese the game. There are always ways. Or how much you want to build a character around this skill. Although, even with skin graft, with such a cooldown, and considering all the many preparations it needs... i don't believe it is particular worth it when it comes to Damage/AP. Although there are gloves that give the skill for free, and in this case, it may be worth using them, even without having the optimal build for it. It is probably circonstantial.

        Well, all is only my own humble opinion. Playing in Tactivian, i tend too be very careful of the Damage/AP figures.

        • Anonymous

          Pretty good in combination with "provide physical armor" skills, Fortify + Bone Cage + Deflective Barrier + Heart of Steel + Stoneskin Potion (with Five Star Diner, if you don't care about losing all your movement) makes this quite powerful.

          • Anonymous

            Wand/Shield geo/necro/poly,aerothurge. Geo-Reactive Armour, Fortify, Earthquake Necro-Bone Cage, Shackles of Pain Poly-Skin Graft, Heart of Steel,Chicken Claw Aerothurge-Uncanny Evasion (to keep armour up?), Teleportation, Nether Swap

            • Anonymous

              Its quite good on necro builds. The self inflicted damage works with shackles of pain, so its doubled and a good no sp burst spell. Also wirh bone cage you can get absurd amounts of armour.

              • Anonymous

                Damage seems to be 20% and not 25% in the editor. Only useful in highly buffed phys defensive characters that has not yet taken damage.

                • Anonymous

                  If you are a traditional mage (no heavy armor, no shields) this spell will be useless simply because your physical armor (even with fortify) will be too low and the spell only scales with your armor (no intellect). Also the radius is very small.

                  • Anonymous

                    After most recent patch this seems to do 20.5% of your current physical armor in a small radius AoE. The range is not improved by far out man. Overall it's a decent grab on a Geo Sword and Board build for some physical AoE but it's not the brutal burst skill it used to be. Turn one Fortify->Deflective Barrier->Haste gets your started then if theres a corpse or two nearby you can Bone Cage and Reactive Armor bomb. Doesn't seem worth the setup unless you can hit a few enemies with it (which is hard because of the 3.1m range on the AoE)

                    • Anonymous

                      It's actually still decent if you stack up your armour super high with stuff like bone cage and fortify. Wish the cooldown hadn't been increased though.

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