Red Ink in the Ledger

Quest Giver
Location Driftwood
Suggested Level 10
Next Quest Aggressive Takeover
Previous Quest  

Red Ink in the Ledger is a Quests in Divinity: Original Sin II. Short description goes here.



Important NPCs

  • Garvan



Red Ink in the Ledger Objectives

  1. Retrieve Garvan's supplies.



Red Ink in the Ledger Walkthrough

At Driftwood Taven on the first floor, a man named Garvan asks you to investigate his missing supplies along the trading route west of Driftwood, just east of a bridge guarded by a troll.

Follow the blood trail (discoverable with enough Wits), and you will encounter a Dwarven Beastmaster with his pets Pasha and Tasha. You can report to Garven that the supplies were destroyed, or return the wooden crate to him, with or without its contents. Or you can further investigate the place.

From a shallow grave, you can dig up some remains, let an elf companion eat it you will learn the trader was not killed by voidwokens, but his partners. Cast Spirit Vision and the ghost of the trader appears, you can agree to avenge him leading to the Aggressive Takeover quest.



Tips & Tricks

  • Garvan only seeks the Wooden Crate, rewards are different depending if it's contents remain intact.
  • It is possible to complete this quest and gain double XP by FIRST returning the supply box (in the satchel on the ground) and THEN killing Garvan and bringing his head to the ghost of the dwarf.
  • DO NOT lockpick the crate for the best reward. Lockpicking the crate is the same as stealing the contents of it therefore Garvan will not give you a better reward. 5575xp after completing. After the completion of this quest, if you choose to kill him during the Aggressive Takeover quest, you can get the crate from his body and then open it.

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    • Anonymous

      07 Feb 2021 04:21  

      I have killed garvan 18 times over and over and his corpse never has a head to pick up. Just a couple grenades,, his key a couple pots a jug and the box I gave him just a few minutes before. Is there a glitch in my game? Is there anyway to complete the quest with Liam without the head?

      • Anonymous

        01 Aug 2020 03:38  

        I passed on the troll fight lvl to low. Followed blood,took 2 times to kill beast master(HeMan) robbed bag/chest. Dug up grave with Prince Liz. Don't have the spirit talking thing yet. Gave Gar the bag/box back. 5500ish XP gained

        • Anonymous

          12 Apr 2019 09:41  

          If you've put anything into the Wooden Crate when you return it to Garvan, he will take all of the contents as well.

          • Anonymous

            18 Mar 2019 14:53  

            If you lockpick/open the chest, Garvan takes you back 70 gold whether you picked up the items in the chest, or not. And he doesn't give you any reward either.

            • Anonymous

              15 Jul 2018 23:54  

              If you cannot see the trail or the shallow grave, cast Peace Of Mind to up your wits by 7. Works wonders in this game!

              • Anonymous

                30 Jan 2018 14:22  

                Here is what I got: If you don't open: 150gold+average items to pick(cheapest 100, most expensive 400); if you open there was 50gold a silver cup and a ruby. Same xp from both 5575xp

                • Anonymous

                  03 Oct 2017 23:01  

                  25 wits needed to see the trail (tactician mode).
                  You can complete the quest without following the trail and only returning the box (Quest guy will notice if u lockpick it. no reward)

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