Retribution reflects received damage to your attacker.

5% damage reflected per point

Retribution is a combat ability in Divinity Orginal Sin 2. Retribution reflects received damage to your attacker.


Retribution Notes

  • Retribution will not trigger the passive healing effect gained by investing points in Necromancy.
  • Despite saying the skill 'reflects' damage, the character with Retribution will not take reduced damage through invested points. 100% of the damage will be received by an attack, and x% of that damage will in addition be dealt back to the attacker.
  • All damage that impacts the character with Retribution will be reflected. This includes damage from all spells as well as all basic attack and ability damage, and even damage from being teleported.
  • Retribution and Damage Reflect from shields are mutually exclusive. Only the higher score will work. Therefore it is not recommended to use both.
  • Ironically, using Retribution in addition to Glass Cannon on a tanky character is an excellent combination. Due to how the AI calculates its targets, it will want to attack enemies that can most easily be affected by statuses. With the Glass Cannon skill always ensuring players take status effects through their armour, any enemy the player encounters will be much more likely to attack the Retribution wielder than other party members.
  • Enemies with 100% or more resistance against reflected elemental damage will be immune to or even heal from the damage being reflected against them.


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    • Anonymous

      From Combat Abilities page... Necromancer
      "Heals you every time you deal damage to Vitality. Damage from reflection effects yields half heal. Also increase the damage dealt by Necromancy skills."

      I guess test it your self to be certain.

      • Anonymous

        If you have retribution on your tank the enemies will ignore him and go for the rest of the party.

        Maybe it's a good idea to give retribution only to your squishy characters (mages and rogues) so that enemies go after your fighters.

        • Anonymous

          Does this actually reduce the damage you take? Or like Reflective Barrier, does it only damage the enemy?

          • Anonymous

            I've got a shield which states "reflects 40% damage (melee) as physical damage", so i put some points in retribution to reflect more. With 2 points in retribution i reflect 40% damage back. Then i put 6 more points in retribution and despite 8 points difference (40% reflection) i was reflecting 40% damage still. Then i put 1 more point and it starts to reflect 45% damage, so it looks like damage reflection from shield didnt stack with retribution more than that those effects overwrights eachother with prefference for higher values.
            Geting lone wolf talent wile having 10 points in retribution still tend to 100% damage reflection so its not about reflection cap.

            P.S. sory for my bad english

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