Rings in Divinity: Original Sin 2 are protective equipment worn by player characters and NPCs on their fingers. Players can find rings as part of quest rewards, purchase them from Merchants and obtain them from defeated Enemies. Players cannot create rings via Crafting.




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Rune Slots




Acumen   Magic Armor + 20
Intelligence + 2


Antique Ring  

+1 Necromancer
+1 Summoning
Set Poisoned

  Trader Vaila in front of Kemm Estate
Astarte's Tears   +1 Constitution
+27 HP
Grants Skill: Restoration


Sold by Gratiana in Sanctuary of Amadia
Band of Braccus  None +1 Intelligence
+1 Constitution
Set Cursed


Dropped by Trompdoy during The Vault of Braccus Rex.
Dead Paladin's Gift   ?? ?? ??
Dritta Evyet None

+3 Constitution
+20% Water Resistance
+1 Hydrosophist
+358 HP
Grants Skill: Healing Ritual

None Trader Keyren in Arx
Copper Ring/Fisherman's Ring  None 20 Water Resistance
+1 Persuasion
None Outside of Driftwood, on the far side from where you first enter (towards Mordus) there is a fisherman who asks for help finding his ring. Leads to a fight with voidwoken. The quest asks for you to turn in the ring. You need to refuse or walk away to keep it.
Migo's Ring  None Grants skill Restoration None Either given by Migo after a successful persuasion check during The Murderous Gheist or looted from his body. See quest for further details.
Old Antique Ring   ?? ?? ??
Ring of Intelligence 1 +1 Intelligence
+10% Poison Resistance
None On a corpse near the Void Salamanders outside Sanctuary of Amadia

Sourcerer's Ring


+1 Intelligence
Grants Skill: Summon Fire Slug


Can be found in Driftwood's Prison

Spymaster's Signet   ?? ?? ??
Unfinished Ring   ?? ?? ??
The Shadow Prince's Signet  None +3 Finesse
+3 Wits
+1 Thievery
Grants Skill Chameleon Cloak
-- On Shadow Prince at Nameless Isle
Hannag's Ring None Grants Skill: Earthquake None Gareth's Family Farm in Reaper's Coast



Notes for Loot Rings:

An Uncommon Ring gets 1 "Roll" (described below), Rare 2, Epic 3, Legendary 4, and Divine 5. A slot for a rune doesn't count against this limit. One of these can roll "strong" and give a higher magnitude effect. Sometimes a strong attribute roll is "hidden" (attributes are capped at +1 at lower levels, but will increase to +2 or more if the item is relevelled).



Can include Constitution or Wits, but NOT Memory, Strength, Finesse or Intelligence.

This can be up to +3 (perhaps more, author uncertain) at higher levels. Attributes can increase when relevelled.

Unlike amulets, rings can have bonus Hit Points. These are affected by Lone Wolf and Picture of Health multipliers, but regardless, this is a bad roll.

They can have any of the elemental resistance types (fire, water, poison, air or earth). Of these, fire is probably the strongest. There are 3 battles in act 2 that can be made much easier with high fire resistance, and lava exists in Act 3 (100+ fire resistance makes lava do nothing or even heal). This can range from +5 to +15, with 10+ taking up the "strong" roll. This can increase when relevelled. Outside of these specific battles, resistances are generally not what you want on your rings, as they do not increase damage.


Combat Skills:
They can roll combat skills at +1 or +2. +2 is the "strong" roll, as rings do not roll with 2 +2 skills. Sometimes picking up a skill you don't have to unlock a good ability is useful, but generally you want the skills that you are focusing on, most often warfare. This does NOT include defensive skills like leadership, nor weapon skills.

Up to 4 of these can be rolled. on one ring.

Civil Skills
Random rings cannot seemingly have any Civil skills.

Skill from Item:
This author is uncertain if random rings can have these, but leaning towards "no." Which is fine. They are bad anyway.


Example Good Roll:

Wits +2.
Primary Damage Skill, strong roll ie +2 (particularly Warfare, but also possibly a magic skill for a mage character)
Secondary Damage Skill (particularly Scoundrel)
Tertiary Skill (almost anything is at least somewhat useful. But necromancy or summoning or a skill you have 0 in otherwise is usually best).
Quaternary Skill (see above)

Due to the Attribute, Tertiary and Quaternary rolls being of significantly less importance than the primary and secondary, as well as not having civil or defensive skills rollable, it is much more possible to see a high-tier ring than amulet. Using the Wishing well to the max can potentially yield all of the rings that one would need for the entire game, particularly if relevelled.

Eternal Artefact:
Adds +10% Poison resist, a levelled amount of physical armor (small, on the order of 10% of the item's magical armour), and +1 Scoundrel. This is quite strong if critical chance is high (>50%).

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    • Anonymous

      Ring of intelligence is one of the strongest mage rings in the game. Put a giant flame rune of power into it and you get a ring with 4 intelligence and 6 % crit the only downside is the low magic defense.

      • Anonymous

        fisherman's ring adds +1 persuasion and a few random stats you wont care about tbh. But its the only +1 persuasion ring Ive ever seen in the game. Might be worth getting depending on your playstyle.

        • Anonymous

          Missing: Hannag's Ring - Lvl 13 - 52 Magic Armor - Unique - worth 1500g. Can't be sold. Currently bugged (doesn't grant chameleon skin as mentioned in item description.

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