Rogue is a preset class in Divinity: Original Sin II.


"With a lot of skill and a little luck, this rogue sees world as a open coffer."



 The Pawn: Gain +1 AP worth of free movement per turn


Starting Skills

 Throwing Knife: Throw a knife at a target, dealing damage with the ability to backstab

 Backlash: Jump over an enemy, landing behind their back and backstabbing them

 Adrenaline: Gain +2 AP immediately, but lose -2 AP next turn



If you recruit a Rogue on the Lady Vengeance, you get Pestillence, a male Undead Lizard starting with:

 Rupture Tendons: Damage a target and cause them to take additional damage when moving

 Sawtooth Knife: Deal damage directly to a target's Vitality

 Gag Order: Damage Magic Armour and Silence target

 Cloak and Dagger: Teleport without breaking Sneaking




 Starting gear

  • poison flask
  • healing or poison potion (undead)
  • resurrection scroll
  • backpack


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    • Anonymous

      Fane, if you Rouge you don't want to be a target ever so its a free pass and you get 10% multiplier on crits, that's way stronger then elf 10% damage/ap. Also his source ability and skin graft make him so much more then rest of them.

      • Anonymous

        Rogue is not a useless class, it deals enormous damage to a single target and gives utility and overall control over a battlefield. Those who complains about the low damage capabilities of this class probably don't know that elemental damage in the game scales from the corresponding magic school and physical damage scales from warfare. So, if you want to deal proper damage using daggers and the scoundrel skills, you should also invest points into warfare, which among other things gives you an additional useful set of abilities. Besides that, the necromancy school is useful for rogues, especially elven rogues (flesh sacrifice), since it allows to heal and also deals physical damage. And the polymorph school might be useful, giving you the chameleon cloak and more utility.

        • Anonymous

          Lets talk about what is actually relevant. At the character selection they dont show the Rogue with those awful shoulder things. What the ***** is that? I dont want that***** and now every armor I found in the game looks like that.

          • Anonymous

            Rouge is totally underpowered class for now compared to archers and summoners classes due to low dagger and skills damage.
            At least before level 10 rouge damage output is 2-3 times(!) lower than archer/summoner has. Crit on backstab from dagger deals less damage than normal crossbow shot up to 2 times, with same attributes/weapon level. Most of attack skills has 100% or less damage modifiders. So the imbalance is obvious: rouge can make cool circus things at battle, but he can't do enough damage on Tactic difficulty.

            • Anonymous

              And the fact that if you do play an elf, it's better to take the skill Chloroform instead of adrenaline during character creation, because you can get Adrenaline before the first battle.

              • Anonymous

                Might want to add that if you play an elf, you can get Adrenaline for free at the beginning of the game from the Finn's body part.

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