Roost Anlon

Roost Anlon is a NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.



Roost information

  • Level 14
  • Is accompanied by; two wolves, and two ranged enemies.



Roost location

  • Roost Anlon first appears in Reaper's Coast, Cullwoods Mill.
  • Upstairs in the eastern building (X:530 Y:445).



Notes and Tips

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    • Anonymous

      I went around the camp searching for creeva's ghost after i bugged the quest and found the kids ghosts.
      I wish we could have given him a more agonizing death but I can settle for purging him without remorse.
      Oof that hit a bad nerve with me, those poor children.

      • Anonymous

        He's mentioned in the "Lone Wolf Contract" note, where he orders Ben-Mezd to kill Alexandar (his "target"); also mentioning that Magister Borris might help him in case anything goes wrong.

        • Anonymous

          In DE, you don't seem to need to talk to him at all to further Sebille's story, unlike in other moments. The game just automatically tell you that her Master in the Nameless Islands.

          • Anonymous

            Absorbing his Source (out of dialogue) with my Fane gave him the Villain tag, even though he already had a Hero tag. Don't remember what other evil things I did with him, but I can't see why absorbing this specific soul would result in this.

            • Anonymous

              The part with the kids definitely struck a nerve. Few moments in a game like this that can make you really feel something.

              • Anonymous

                In the same room you fight him there are 3 ghostly children that say they were hurt be him... I was so enraged... I know it's a video game but even on my evil char I don't mess with children. I was never more satisfied to consume someones soul...

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