Running like Clockwork

Knight of Xantezza
Location Nameless Isle
Suggested Level 16+
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Running like Clockwork is a Quest in Divinity: Original Sin II. Speaking to an Imp Ghost, you discover there is a gem lying somewhere that may hold secrets. Will you be able to unlock them?



Important NPCs



Running like Clockwork Objectives

  1. Speak to the Imp Ghost.
  2. Find the Imp Gem.
  3. Pass the test and be teleported into the Pocket Plane of Xantezza.
  4. Make your way to the core and deactivate it in 1 combat turn.



Running like Clockwork Walkthrough

Use Spirit Vision and speak with the imp ghost named "Knight of Xantezza" by the empty altar of Xantezza and ask what's wrong. You'll learn that an Imp Gem was stolen by the Black Ring.

Go to an area at the south-eastern section of the map, at around co-ordinates X:275, Y:824. This area is very close to the Lunar Gate Waypoint, just slightly westwards of it on the map. You will come to a talking ruby and two wolves as depicted by the picture below. Defeat the two wolves for 13950XP each. Alternatively, you can speak to them and pass a speech check to make them stand down, but you will receive no XP whatsoever for doing so. Alternatively, if you killed the men who previously had the gem you can tell the dogs to go eat them for experience and no combat. (if you want to give them a body part, make SURE it's a normal body part. If you give them a quest body part like Alexandar's Head or Shadow Prince's heart then you may not finish some other quests.)

Now talk to the ruby. For the first question, none of the answers will matter much. But for the next question, where the gem will ask you how many eyes there are, if you answer wrongly, it will turn into an inert state. However, if you answer with [MYSTIC] or [NOBLE] tagged answers, it will gulp and teleport you to Xantezza's pocket plane. It is imperative you reach the pocket plane, or else you will miss out on a lot of rewards.

Upon reaching the pocket plane, you will immediately receive 30,100 Exploration XP and 20,075XP. You will be continually slowed in this place, and to open the first door, you must press the 4 pressure plates as shown in the picture below. There are heavy metal crates that you can use to help you press all 4 pressure plates without the use of any party members, but you will need some strength to move them. Alternatively, you can also use teleport to teleport the crates around. Once the door is open, proceed.

This section section is a little more tricky. Pressing the pressure plates in this area will unleash fire from the pipes, so do not press them. You can disarm the traps here, or just navigate around them. If you look past the gas traps, you can see a little wheel valve that reads "Emergency Flush Protocol". If you interact with it, it will immediately flush the entire area with lava and deathfog, which can be fatal for both undead (lava) and non-undead (deathfog) parties. Instead, simply use teleportation/leaping/flying skills or lockpick the door near the Emergency Flush Protocol valve to reach the "Hyperdrive Protocol" valve (co-ordinates: X:154, Y:538) - this will replace slow with haste for the entire party.

Now you have a myraid of choices, but basically, the goal here is to reach the core (at co-ordinates X:116, Y:462) without dying because you only have 1 combat turn to do so before it spots you and unleashes a scripted deathfog that immediately kills the entire map, undead or not. Warning you do not have one turn, it kills you on ITS first turn. Attempting to bring another person into range while the conversation will prompt the fight to start immediately, and they will get put to the end of the turn by default.  One option here is to use the pipes as shown in the picture below to get as near to the core as possible without being spotted.

If you have a lot of movement speed, you can also tackle it head on by opening the sole non-locked door in the area. warning whether sneaking or not, it notices you very shortly after passing through the doorway. With haste and 5 movement speed i was still unable to make it to the core before dying.

Ultimately though, the easiest option is to simply use the locked door closest to the core, provided you have the thievery level required. A character with haste and 5AP should have no real issues reaching the core this way.

In any case, interact with the core before your turn is over, and it will be safely deactivated. You will receive 20,075XP upon entering the room with the core, and another 20,075XP and a choice of legendary-quality loot upon deactivating it and completing the quest.





  • 13,950XP for each wolf killed, for a total of 27,900XP for both wolves (optional).
  • 20,075XP upon entering the Pocket Plane.
  • 30,100 Exploration XP upon entering the Pocket Plane.
  • 20,075XP upon entering the room with the core.
  • 20,075XP and a choice of legendary-quality loot upon completion of the quest.




Tips & Tricks

  • The first 4 plates can be pressed with reinforced crates laying around.
  • Gas traps can be covered by lab equipment and stools, or simply disarmed.
  • At the entrance (waypoint shrine), look for the pipes. It can be very helpful to leave one NPC along with a teleporter pyramid permanently detached from the party on those pipes for a quick emergency escape. If you let the core explode, you forfeit the rewards though.
  • You can use teleport/flying/leaping skills from the pipes to move one character directly into the core chamber and much closer to the core itself. This makes it very easy to shut it down.

    • Anonymous

      14 Aug 2019 21:28  

      You can just go on a pipe run behind where you first enter and teleport someone right onto the core and skip literally all the shenanigans. Also there’s a chest with good loot back there.

      • Anonymous

        11 Jul 2019 01:19  

        I hung onto the ruby until I got to Arx in the DE, and it won't allow me to use it now. There's an option to grasp the gem but it does nothing. So if you wanna do this, you'd better use it in that act.

        • Anonymous

          19 Jun 2019 09:16  

          For some reason after using outlaw tags dialogue options and getting into the dimension, my character wasn't slowed at all. Still didn't get it upon exiting and re-entering. Very strange.

          • Anonymous

            19 Jun 2019 09:12  

            Outlaw tags let you get into the ruby too, at least in Definitive Edition. You just threaten the crystal and it lets you in.

            • 12 May 2019 09:22  

              Very easy area if you using high level scoundrel with lockpicking ability. Basically at scoundrel skill 8, the character can cover up to third of the distance to the core with 0 AP. Afterwards it's cloak and dagger and few more steps. It's even preferable to go from the far door as the scoundrel can jump further from the high ground (stairs).

              • Anonymous

                27 Apr 2019 00:00  

                I am not sure what consequences are from denouncing my god? I just did at the altar of Xantezza and not sure if this was the right decision....

                • Anonymous

                  04 Feb 2019 04:37  

                  Am i the only one is bugged at this quest??? The CORE always get the first turn,i have no chance at all,sigh

                  • Anonymous

                    14 Dec 2018 22:22  

                    I didn't need to use the pipes at all. Once you activate the Hyperdrive Protocol and gain haste, using the unlocked door, you can use Cloak and Dagger as it only requires 1 AP to transport as far down the hall as you can. Then it only requires 3 AP to get to the core.

                    • Anonymous

                      13 Nov 2018 06:51  

                      My two friends and I were playing on hard mode. One of them played through and knew about the level, and my other friend and I didn't. Long story short we were curious and now have to restart.

                      • Anonymous

                        10 Oct 2018 15:40  

                        You can get both, the exp for telling them to eat the guy who kicked them (around 20k in DE) and killing them(around 13k each in DE). First, block the way to the lunar gate waypoint (best to use undestructable chests), then tell them to eat the guy on the beach and be quick to kill them. as far as you hit them with another charakter during dialog the dialog will close and the "rush to waypoint aka beach" routine starts. you cant engage them into combat after telling them but you can keep hitting them. after a certain amount of time they will disappear if you arent fast enough to kill them.

                        • Anonymous

                          27 Jul 2018 17:17  

                          On one of the imp corpses, you can find a book called "Essential Engineering". This can be used to make armour of the eternals.

                          • Anonymous

                            02 Jul 2018 10:15  

                            Or you can just skip ALL of that and teleport into the chamber. Teleport 2 ppl behind the shrine is a narrow pipe, set them down there, then follow the pipes till end , and teleport again. Immidiately cluck glowing orb. Nothing attacks you or kills you.

                            • Anonymous

                              03 Jun 2018 16:02  

                              Useless information above. What you supposed to do with red ruby after you done with quest? Placing it back on pedestal doing nothing,

                              • Anonymous

                                13 Apr 2018 19:05  

                                Both the wheel and the core will release instant death. If on honour mode your game will chain save and you will lose. Beware.

                                • Anonymous

                                  13 Nov 2017 22:46  

                                  Guys if you didnt answered correctly. Just right click the gem from your inventory and use the grasp option. Now you will be able to answer countless

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