Ryker is a NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.



Ryker information

  • Ryker's Desk Key and Source-Infused Cellar Key can be found by pickpocketing him. His desk is located upstairs where the two animals are, the only one that can't be opened or lockpicked. Unlocking it will give you some standard loot.
  • Ryker is actually sworn to the God King, one of the few things he admitted actually regretting in life. A journal entry can be found in one of the drawers in his room talking about this.
  • The reason why Ryker wants the tablet is to craft the Swornbreaker, a powerful weapon that can break his bond with the God King. He doesn't necessarily hate him, he just really wants to be his own person again.
  • Several notes point to Ryker being affiliated with the Lone Wolves. When you ask Ifan Ben-Mezd about this, he will tell you that he has never actually met him but surely heard many stories about him. He will also tell you that Ryker keeps many animals as Trophies.
  • If you manage to speak to the Lizard, Xiuh in his room, he will tell you that Ryker killed his former owner Zara for gold and stole him along with the chest (which can be found in the burning flames on the cemetery). Ryker tried for many weeks to open it but when he didn't manage he threw the chest into the flames of the Lizard graves. Even there, it could not be destroyed.
  • In Stonegarden an Ancestor Tree with a Scion inside can be found. What Ryker's deal is with this tree is something he refuses to explain.
  • Ryker has grown to dislike anyone who enters Stonegarden and will often order his Servants to remove them unless it's for something like a funeral. He rarely shows himself to other people and will only allow someone to be in his presence when they are of interest to him.
  • Ryker keeps many secrets from the people around him and although he used to come out of his home more in the past, nowadays he barely leaves his house.
  • Ryker is clearly an intelligent individual and foreshadows a lot with the way he expresses his words. It appears that Ryker is only interested in people if they can give him something, whether that is a friend, an item, a contract or anything else. He basically has a plan for everyone that he finds interesting.
  • If you manage to get inside his home through his basement, he will still know you are Godwoken while you haven't admitted this to his doors. He is either able to sense certain things or has his ways of finding out (because he will also know you're Undead if your Godwoken happens to be one).
  • According to one of the Dwarven Ghosts, Ryker sometimes looks through the graves for items that can be of use to him.
  • Even though Ryker has many pets in and around his house, he isn't actually super fond of them and mainly keeps them as trophies for all the contracts he has completed as a Lone Wolf.
  • Although Ryker doesn't love his pets, he doesn't dislike them either. In his room his cat Cottontail and dog Dot are fighting over who he likes better and while no answer is right or wrong Ryker does prefer the cat because she helps get rid of the rats (maybe it's better that Cottontail stays upstairs because the rat down seems very hungry).
  • Near Gareth's family home you can find a Stray Dog named Reks. When speaking to him it becomes clear that he once belonged to Ryker, but he fled from him when he figured out that the Elf wanted to make him into Spider food.
  • Ryker hates it if you touch his items, or even look at them for that matter. 
  • Ryker is actually reading a tale about a Green Stone when you first enter his room and he seems to be extremely fascinated by it. Due to the many books and tomes in his home, it can be assumed that he loves to read.
  • Ryker has a very neat handwriting according to the descriptions that describe his letters.
  • Once you've found the tablet and hand it over to Ryker he will exclaim that the bond can be broken and fulfill his part of the bargain. You can also ask him to fulfill his part first. After this he will perform a ritual which consists of completely draining the Source from some of the souls in Stonegarden, you can either allow him to do something this barbaric or stop him. Whichever you choose, Ryker will end up fighting you.
  • The Magisters were hoping to take Ryker to Fort Joy but because of how powerful he is, they never dared to even try. Instead they tried to make a compromise with him so they wouldn't get into trouble with him and Ryker wouldn't get into trouble with them.
  • The Magister's Ghost upstairs will tell you that he has actually poisoned her, chances are he has done this to more people because the Weaver tells you that he often comes upstairs to feed her (besides that Reks the Stray Dog was going to be Spider food as well).
  • The reason why Ryker starts to fight you is because he is a Lone Wolf assassin and tasked to kill all Godwokens he encounters. In his desk you can also find a contract suggesting that he has to kill Godwoken for the Black Ring as some form of Neutralization.
  • After defeating him and casting Spirit Vision, you can talk to his spirit. If you manage to look through his memories you'll find out that he actually began to drain spirits of their Source as a way to keep himself from rotting away. This is also why he doesn't look like a Skeleton unlike most of the other characters that are bound to the God King.
  • If you look through his arena you can find piles of corpses which still have Source dripping from them. It can be assumed that these were some of the people he drained to keep himself from rotting away.
  • Upon killing Ryker and speaking to his soul it becomes clear that because he never got the chance to break his contract with the God King he will remain sworn, something that seems to sadden him. When using Vampirism on him he doesn't fight his fate unlike most other conscious characters. 
  • Just outside Stonegarden you can find a small grave with a deer and a human. When speaking to the human's spirit, reading the letter found in the grave and speaking to the deer spirit in Ryker's mansion it becomes apparent that this was his favourite pet Chauser and he was killed by this man. Ryker was so angry he killed the man afterwards. Take something from him and he'll take it from you, ten times as bad.
  • In one of the endings where Adramahlihk becomes the Divine, it is possible for Ryker to become his General. This all depends on if you kept Ryker alive or not. And if you consumed his Source or not.
  • In another ending it is possible asks your Divine to help him break his contract with the God King and possibly form an ally afterwards.



Ryker location

  • Ryker first appears in Stonegarden at Reaper's Coast.



Notes and Tips

  • Ryker is actually weak to fortify, when using this against him in battle it will actually damage him. The Magister's Ghost in the room of the Weaver will actually tell you this.
  • The door at the beginning of this area that doesn't have a keyhole can be opened by a lever left of the mirror that's near Ryker.
  • It is possible to use Vampirism on the Silent Monks, Ryker doesn't appear to care if you destroy them or not. But for full XP it is recommended to keep the ones in his arena alive.
  • If you kill Ryker, his Servants die with him.
  • Casting spirit vision during the fight with Ryker will let you see the souls of his bodyguards, allowing you to instantly kill them by using Source Vampirism.
  • Ryker is level 12. 
  • His weapon of choice is a crossbow. He has rather high points in Necromancy (6) and Huntsman (6). He has a Leadership of 2 and also a very high intelligence of 31.
  • Ryker is immune to poison, bleeding, drunk and suffocating.
  • Ryker's talents are: Walk It Off and Savage Sortilege. 
  • You can find a diamond hidden underneath his bath in the bedroom.
  • In earlier concepts Ryker was a serial killer, living in Driftwood with his many pets. He also knew Ifan Ben-Mezd as a friend, however this was later on canceled and he was placed in Stonegarden instead.
  • In early concepts Ryker apparently had someone named Bob living with him who would look after his pets. However this was eventually removed for unknown reasons. 
  • It is said that the book on Ryker's desk about The Green Stone, has something to do with him. What that is remains unclear. 

    • Anonymous

      18 Apr 2019 23:02  

      Killed him at first sight at level 11 using the intelligence-scaling grenade pickpocketed from Higba in Driftwood. Did his quest in my first playthrough and it seems like it's much more exp that way.

      • Anonymous

        31 Mar 2019 12:40  

        I killed him at lvl 9 with Teleportation and 2 characters in party. I stood outside the castle and by looking in through the window but far from the window i was able to teleport him outside the castle and near the Open Gate. When he aggros and attacks you will get Tarquin as an ally and HE is the one who will actually solo-kill Ryker and yes he is strong enough to do it on his own without dying and if your character dies he will resurrect it! and if he deals the killing blow your party will still get Exp!

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