Samadel is a NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2.



Samadel Information

  • Trader, sells Pyrokinetic skill books.
  • ??


Samadel Location

  • Samadel first appears in the Sanctuary of Amadia.
  • Samadel can join the others during Call to Arms, and can then be found at the Abandoned Camp.
  • Samadel may also be found on the Lady Vengeance, before Reaper's Coast.
  • Samadel is usually killed during the battle on the Lady Vengeance.


Notes and Tips

  • Samadel can be recruited as a magic fighter during the Bishop Alexandar / Voidwoken Drill Worm fight.
  • Samadel can fight along side you on the Lady Vengeance.

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