Savage Sortilege

Gives all magical skills a critical chance equal to your critical chance score.


Savage Sortilege is a talent in Divinity Orignal Sin 2.



  • A very good talent for mages of any type
  • Not needed for Special Arrows to Crit
  • Damage by heals on undead can crit
  • ???





Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds: Occult Flamewielder



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    • Anonymous

      24 Jan 2020 04:02  

      Can statuses such as Burning, poisoned, bleeding, etc. crit? Or is the Torturer talent aimed for dropping resistances exclusively?

      • Anonymous

        01 Dec 2019 22:34  

        Know what this doesn't explain? The difference between "critical chance" and "critical chance score". These sound like the same thing and my character sheet doesn't say anything about a "score". Per the interwebs, it sounds like spell crit chance is zero unless you grab this skill, in which case spell crit chance becomes the same as it is for regular strikes. Yes/no???

        • Anonymous

          05 Feb 2019 15:12  

          The fun thing about this talent, is the fact you can even crit when you drink a healing potion or a poison one.

          • Anonymous

            02 Nov 2018 10:02  

            Undead can be crit with poison skills(for critical healing) and healing skills(for critical damage) Non-damage skills cannot crit(in case it wasn't obvious...)

            • Anonymous

              22 Dec 2017 19:27  

              Is it better to go pure intelligence, or get savage sortilege and have low intelligence? Getting 100% crit chance leaves me at level 8/19 with about 20 intelligence on lone wolf/hotheaded character. But the crit damage is only 150% unless I go staves and 2-handed tree gives me more, or I invest in scoundrel, which detracts from my other magic damage. Is crit superior in terms of how it is implemented compared to baseline stats and skill damage bonuses?

              • Anonymous

                26 Nov 2017 15:27  

                Can't find any good, clear answers about its synergy with Summoning.

                Does this Talent give your Summons (or at least Incarnate) crit chance too?

                • Anonymous

                  05 Nov 2017 17:10  

                  Both forms of Sabotage CAN crit with all types of arrows/grenades! :D
                  (This was after a 36% crit-chance failed 8 times in a row... I already spent all my luck I guess)

                  • Anonymous

                    29 Oct 2017 04:54  

                    This also makes 'spell-like' abilities crit as well, such as Bouncing Shield and the explosion from the Unstable talent.

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